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Murder by Death Coming to the Triple Rock Social Club, April 21

Author: Skelly February 27th, 2009

l 0cd6b6945ce1dce1c762528283d9cb9b Murder by Death Coming to the Triple Rock Social Club, April 21It snowed heavily here in Minnesota the last 24 hours, and I am again prepping myself for another (x3) frigid excursion against the elements, armed with nothing but my shovel.  Small joys!  A notification of another touring band coming to the Twin Cities.  Just what I need to keep me from the cold, if only for a moment longer!  Murder by Death is not what you (or I) may imagine.  Many might assume a metal band, but not so.  The four piece out of Bloomington, Indiana is a solid rock band with some strangely southern flavor.  In fact, check out the tune below.  I hear a bit of the Man in Black in there.  Beautiful!

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posted February 27th, 2009 at 11:10 am Concert Announcements

Centro-Matic Coming to the 400 Bar, May 12

Author: Skelly February 26th, 2009

l 20b4e9efd46bf1b774ba7b367b72ce22 Centro Matic Coming to the 400 Bar, May 12There is a movement occurring, some call it “minimalist,” I just call it good.  Whenever I listen to an old Creedence Clearwater Revival album I hear it.  John Fogerty, yes, but what I am really speaking of is that raw recorded sound minus all the digital mumbo jumbo we’ve began suckling on the last decade or so.  I don’t know what Centro-Matic’s approach was in the studio, and at risk of offending them, I really don’t care.  I just love the outcome.  Someday I’ll get around to recording my first album and perhaps I’ll go back to listen to some of their recordings and take some notes.  I’ll listen to John Fogerty too.

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posted February 26th, 2009 at 4:18 pm Concert Announcements ,

Read What We Read (Thursday, Feb. 26)

Author: Skelly February 26th, 2009

Bob Mould Interview (The Daily Swarm)

Author: Skelly February 26th, 2009

l 8918fbded0bf4334a6b5fde911c60c48 Bob Mould Interview (The Daily Swarm)In a new interview conducted by The Daily Swarm, Bob Mould discusses his new album “Life and Times,” his new autobiography, Husker Du, and electronic music, among other things.  There is even a rather awkward video posted of the Huskers on Joan Rivers back in the 80’s.

Most interviews I read are so disconnected they induce my vomit reflex, but The Daily Swarm and Bob do well.  Mould let the interviewer fire off 21 questions.  Not too shabby, although I wonder if we should chaulk that success up to the interviewer, or if Bob just likes to talk.  Either way, I’m satisfied.  Here is a passage I found particularly interesting, that bears heavily on the current state of affairs in more ways than one.

(DS) When you were on SST you actually deferred payment so the label could remain solvent. They ended up owing Husker Du something like $150,000 by 1987. But up until Zen Arcade you made most of your income from touring, just like a lot of bands today.
(BM) They didn’t press enough of Zen Arcade. But we were aware that money had to be made. We operated on the premise – even more so today – that you have to put people in a room to make a living. You have to get to the point of people congregating and waking away with a great experience and telling other people about that great experience — that’s religion, that’s politics. You have to tell a story and they have to believe it.

Catch the rest of the interview HERE.

posted February 26th, 2009 at 2:02 pm MN Rock, Music News

No Doubt Returns on Tour! Coming to the Excel Energy Center, July 5

Author: Skelly February 26th, 2009

no doubt1 No Doubt Returns on Tour!  Coming to the Excel Energy Center, July 5Many, many people will welcome the return of a touring No Doubt.  I among them, but what I am really hoping for in the near future is some new material reminiscent of Tragic Kingdom.  I grew tired of their “hey baby, hey baby” style pop.  Something about it seemed disingenuous, as if the glove was covering up a dicrepit hand as the 90’s waned.  Well, U2 has supposedly busted out with some vintage sounding material, why not No Doubt too?  Perhaps if Gwen starts kicking some ass her husband will follow suit as well.  Here’s hoping.  And now for one of the best damn cover songs of the last decade.

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posted February 26th, 2009 at 12:32 pm Concert Announcements

Noah and the Whale Coming to the Entry, April 24

Author: Skelly February 26th, 2009

l 0f83c6ca9cd64c30993443aab09ca27d Noah and the Whale Coming to the Entry, April 24So many concert announcements these last couple days with such precious time, but this one probably has excited me the most.  If you haven’t heard Noah and the Whale, you really, really need to begin.  The entire “indie” movement (whatever that is) has been missing genuine, honest-to-goodness pop songwriting elements.  Noah and the Whale get it.  They understand that the same melodic lines used by Buddy Holly and the Beatles in the 50’s and 60’s still work the best today.  I’m going to stop myself now before I begin a treatise on how this all dovetails into evolutionary psychology.  Instead, I’m going to sit back, put my legs up on the desk, fill my coffee cup, and listen to some Noah and the Whale.  You should too.

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posted February 26th, 2009 at 12:04 pm Concert Announcements