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Read What We Read (March 31, 2009)

Author: Skelly March 31st, 2009

Weading through the daily news.  Have a daffodil, Spring must come sometime.

Wolfmother Regroups, Records, Releases – Aversion

Sean Moriarty Resigns From Ticketmaster Entertainment – Billboard
(I suspect the biggest hammers are yet to fall.)

Treehouse Records turns 8 – The Decider

Rancid announce new album details – NME
(Some bands are meant for every generation. See Rancid June 26 at the Myth.)

Who’s Going to Compose the First Great Bailout-Rock Anthem? – NY Magazine

Poptastic Bye-Bye (Robert Christgau bids adieu to Blender) – The Blog of the National Arts Journalism Program

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Crystal Antlers Release “Andrew” Video

Author: Skelly March 31st, 2009

Psychedelic apocalyptic, the Crystal Antlers offer you their video for “Andrew.”  Lovin’ the imagery.  Perhaps the band could score themselves the score for the next installment of the Omen or The Prophecy.  Or perhaps a creative scriptwriter could simply give the band a new platform upon which they’ll preach the end of the world.  Catch the band live May 4 at the Triple Rock Social Club.


Crystal Antlers – Myspace

Source – Pitchfork

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Metallica Releases the “Broken, Beat, and Scarred” Video

Author: Skelly March 31st, 2009

People may say what they please about Loaded, Reloaded, and any other post Black Album release from Metallica.  One thing is indisputable; their live performances have never lost an ounce of potency.  Wisdom within their years, the video for “Broken, Beat, and Scarred” showcases precisely what the band does best.  Kicking you in the eardrum and making you like it live.

0 Metallica Releases the Broken, Beat, and Scarred Video

Metallica is coming to the Target Center October 13.


Metallica – Website / Myspace

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Middle Distance Runner, Eulogies, and Greycoats at the 7th Street Entry (3/23/09)

Author: Skelly March 31st, 2009

dsc 0008 201x300 Middle Distance Runner, Eulogies, and Greycoats at the 7th Street Entry (3/23/09)It was a cold and rainy March evening in the Twin Cities where glassy reflecting pools made for poor driving conditions.  Yet there were those who had decided early on that the 7th Street Entry was offering a night worth braving, and they gradually filed in one after another as the hour struck nine.  For some, Greycoats were the attraction, a local band that for more than a couple years have honed their sounds and skills within wine and beer venues alike.  But for others, the lure was for something from without.  Two bands touring just two days from SXSW, Eulogies and Middle Distance Runner.

I arrived in a bit of a panic.  While arranging my schedule I had marked the concert time as 9:00PM, but an 8:00PM listing on the venue website had me second guessing.  I had no pen and paper.  During my rush out the door I had forgotten the simplest of tools and arrived ill-prepared.  Such carelessness.

Read more…

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Prince Releases “Chocolate Box” Video, featuring Q-Tip

Author: Skelly March 30th, 2009

For some reason I find artist collaborations awkward, especially those that “feature” someone. Is Prince trying to send a message by featuring someone named Q-Tip? C’mon Prince, I’ve been listening for a long time. I don’t need to clear my ears, do I? (/non-witticism)

We saw this first at Culture Bully

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Read What We Read (March 30, 2009)

Author: Skelly March 30th, 2009

Weading through the daily news.  A Redwood for you, as large as the volume of today’s news.

Peter Gabriel Urges Mexican President To Stop ‘Feminicide’ – Billboard

Bob Dylan releases a free MP3 from his forthcoming album – Brooklyn Vegan

Rocker Love sued over net ‘libel’ – BBC
(Why do I feel no sympathy?)

Jason Newsted Talks Metallica Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, Why Dave Mustaine Will Not Be Inducted – Metal Underground
(Ouch. Poor Dave Mustang.)

The End for The Lemonheads – Anti Music

17 seriously useful drum tuning tips – Music Radar

What does Blender’s demise mean for the music biz? – Pop Matters
(We shall see. Any suggestions?)

The Jayhawks to reunite at the Basilica Block Party – City Pages

Bob Mould’s happy medium – MinnPost

posted March 30th, 2009 at 3:48 pm Music News