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Sebastien Grainger Coming to the 400 Bar, April 12

Author: Skelly March 30th, 2009

l f5277039796aee90f7f71752fde14862 Sebastien Grainger Coming to the 400 Bar, April 12Punk sensibility is a confusing idea until one listens to Sebastien Grainger, a native of Ontario, CA.  I remember having a conversation awhile back with an old punk rocker turned folk artist, who said that punk is not a kind of music, it’s a mentality.  An attitude towards life and how one approaches its understanding.  I think Grainger’s attitude is punk, with a myspace quote that very casually reads “Fuck Rock,” along with other assorted gems.  But the music is something more refined, encapsulating the punk aesthetic while maintaining a pop sensibility that feels familiar, and dare I say, inviting.  Is this combination “punk sensibility”?

Eh, who cares.  Fuck “punk sensibility.”  Just go to the show.

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posted March 30th, 2009 at 12:14 pm Concert Announcements

Cursive’s “From the Hips” Video

Author: Skelly March 30th, 2009

This video is oh-so pleasantly comical.  What other things may come from this breadbasket quartet?  You should see for yourself on May 8th when Cursive comes to rock the First Avenue Mainroom.  If this video is any indication, maybe there’ll be some rabbit-hat pulling, mimery, or similar tomfoolery.  Wouldn’t that be grand?



Cursive – Website / Myspace

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The Maccabees Release “Love You Better” Video

Author: Skelly March 30th, 2009

There are many, many terrific videos coming from Brit bands this year, and here is yet another.  This is the second from a personal Borangutan favorite in no more than 45 days, The Maccabees.  Settling medicine for a case of the Mondays.

0 The Maccabees Release Love You Better Video


The Maccabees – Website / Myspace

Watch The Maccabees “No Kind Words” video HERE.

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Camera Obscura, Coming to Cedar Cultural Center, May 30th

Author: Nika March 27th, 2009

cameraobscura Camera Obscura, Coming to Cedar Cultural Center, May 30thWow! They could not have picked a more appropriate venue to showcase their sound in the lovely city of Minneapolis!  Here is my recommendation…when Camera Obscura comes to the Cedar, grab a group of wine loving friends, sit them down with a nice red and enjoy the smooth sound of Camera Obscura.  These guys (and gals) have been making good pop music for nearly a decade, yet they have managed to omit the drama we have all gotten use to from the tabloids.  There’s something to be said for that kind of staying power in a pop-world where band member run to a solo career at the first sniff of recognition.  For those of you that cringe at the idea of “good pop music” , let me present the criteria which I use to make such a judgment call.  First off, the songs must induce the involuntary head bobble to its beat.  Next,  a few good lines in the chorus that imprint in my brain and find their way to my voice and out again.  Finally, the lyrics- while at times may teeter on the lines of sugary sweetness- may never trigger my gag reflex.  Simple formula…I think. Read more…

posted March 27th, 2009 at 4:39 pm Concert Announcements

Read What We Read (March 27, 2009)

Author: Skelly March 27th, 2009

Weading through the daily news. A petal to show I care.

More Musical Acts Spending the Night At Dennys – Anti Music
(Check out http://www.dennysallnighter.com/)

Sharon Osbourne Goes Off on Reporter – Eonline
(Sharon’s absolutely right. What an idiot.)

Arts and the economy – MinnPost

Kathie Molland, wife of Badfinger’s Joey Molland, passed away 3/24/09 – MN Speak
(Our thoughts and prayers go out to Joey, his wife, and his family)

It’s official: Lindsay Lohan no longer a movie star – HitFix
(This is premature.  Helloooo? Mickey Rourke?)

Yoko Ono’s Official Flickr Set… – The Daily Swarm
(Find Yoko’s Flickr page HERE)

Sick of Sarah posts photos from their new video shoot – Sick of Sarah’s myspace page

The Sorry State Of Music Startups – Tech Crunch
(Very nice article by Michael Arrington)

posted March 27th, 2009 at 4:10 pm Music News

Gojira Coming to Station 4, May 11

Author: Skelly March 27th, 2009

l dd8a1620c8a28d7b1d4ca62df4a5fd8f Gojira Coming to Station 4, May 11French death metal fans rejoice, Gojira is coming to Minnesota.  My first delve into the band was just moments ago when I kicked back and watched a few of their videos on their myspace page.  Terrific cinematography, really, and I thought I might post one here for your viewing pleasure as well.  Unfortunately, the one I really liked briefly featured a set of boobies half-way through.  That’s not the kind of pleasure we deal in here. <g>  Gojira will be joined by The Chariot and Car Bomb on May 11.  Bring your earplugs and neck braces, because at these shows, they’re more effective than seat belts and air bags in cars.

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posted March 27th, 2009 at 11:48 am Concert Announcements