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Mercurial Rage Releases a 3-Sided Single, “Never Remember To Always Forget”

Author: Skelly April 21st, 2009

m 1ee2480f8fe64ec2bb7eae4ea1c951c5 Mercurial Rage Releases a 3 Sided Single, Never Remember To Always ForgetMinneapolis retro-rockers Mercurial Rage are offering up a new 3-Sided Single for free!  You can download the tunes HERE.  Are you confused about exactly how something can be called a single but have three sides?  Perhaps you are wondering how a musical medium can have three sides?  After all, a record has two sides, as do 4-tracks, tapes, and CD’s (physically speaking).  Perhaps this little background from the 3-Sided Single website will serve to clarify, and if not, God forbid you should visit the site and find the answers you seek!  You go-getter, you. 😉

What is the 3Side? (short answer)

The 3Side is a new format for music releases, designed to be something more “real” than downloading a couple of MP3’s off some site. The 3Side or 3-Sided Single is a self-contained miniature release which includes songs, artwork, credits, and whatever other media the artist chooses. Artists want to create “releases” rather than random, context-less solitary tracks. Also, serious music fans would like more information and value from digital music downloads than is provided by the current digital model. The 3Side is a perfect, bite-sized way to satisfy the urges of both artist and listener.  (3-Sided Singles Website)

We dig the concept, and can’t wait to hear more from the channels of the Ed Ackerson machine.  In the meantime, download and jam out to the Mercurial ones.


Mercurial Rage – Website / Myspace

3-Sided Singles – Website

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Read What We Read (April 20, 2009)

Author: Skelly April 20th, 2009

Weading through the daily news.  Have a seven leafed plant.  No, it’s not what you think.

MxPx’s Tour Bus Goes Up in Flames – Aversion

Record Store Day Traffic, Sales Up – Billboard

Fall Out Boy Banned – Anti Music
(Why do I find this funny?)

More arts pay cuts: St. Paul Chamber Orchestra – MinnPost
(Bad news for good things. Not cool.)

Trent Reznor fails to stop Jane’s Addiction ‘butting heads’ – NME

Paul McCartney says Pirate Bay verdict was ‘fair’ – NME

Bob Dylan “Beyond Here Lies Nothin'” (Video) – Amazon
(Check it out.)

(Alright, I lied.  It was what you thought 😛 )

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20 Less Known Facts About Bob Dylan

Author: Skelly April 20th, 2009

973925368 l 20 Less Known Facts About Bob DylanBob Dylan this, Bob Dylan that.  Sure, there’s been a lot of Dylan in the news recently accompanying the release of his new album Together Through Life, and we’re guilty as charged concerning Dylan news.  It’s easy for one to get sick and tired of constantly hearing about a single artist, even one as colorful as Dylan.  Once in awhile though someone comes up with something worth a double-take.  Take The Independent’s “20 things you didn’t know about Bob Dylan.”  This is pure fun, and unless you’re a Dylan nut, some things here will make you smile.

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Julie Doiron Coming to the 7th Street Entry, Jun. 6

Author: Skelly April 20th, 2009

626656074 l Julie Doiron Coming to the 7th Street Entry, Jun. 6There are so many artists, and internet noise surrounds!  Not a day goes by where I don’t count myself lucky to have a job that, for all intents and purposes, simply means to find new music.  One beautiful thing about music is that it is always new to someone, even if an artist has released countless albums to similarly countless fans.  Take Julie Doiron, since 1996.  She’s achieved at least one new fan today, and that one means to create more.  Ecco, below.

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Ice Palace CD Release this Thursday night, Apr. 23, at the Varsity Theater

Author: Skelly April 20th, 2009

Local rockers Ice Palace will be hosting a release party at the Varsity Theater this Thursday evening, celebrating their new album Wonder Subtly Crushing Us. If you haven’t heard of or heard Ice Palace yet, now is the time! Visit their myspace page and jam out, then see the show on Thursday and pick up the album. You might even be able to hassle the band into signing your precious copy. They’ll be joined that night by a rock star cast of Dark Dark Dark, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, and Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps.

l e9b9bd8a7c4d4f6b93a6e25b360b9635 Ice Palace CD Release this Thursday night, Apr. 23, at the Varsity Theater

Staciaann Photography, copyright 2009

poster mod1textfinal flat1 Ice Palace CD Release this Thursday night, Apr. 23, at the Varsity Theater


Ice Palace – Website / Myspace

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Girl In A Coma Coming to the 7th Street Entry, July 1

Author: Skelly April 20th, 2009

l bfa5be58833e48cedc6fbc8e58c1edeb Girl In A Coma Coming to the 7th Street Entry, July 1There are finally patches of blue sky in St. Paul, and an approaching bright spot on the horizon.  After sleeping 16 hours it turns out Girl In A Coma is just the relief I need.  A little bit o’ something to bang my head to.  You could do the same on July 1, potentially dodging a coma yourself, but beware!  Many, many of the girls’ fans are entering comas (see their top friends on their myspace page)!  Coma power.

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