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Kasabian Releases “Underdog” Video

Author: Skelly May 29th, 2009

Impulse post.  It’s well after 6PM on a Friday.  I’m done for the week folks, thanks for reading. 😉

0 Kasabian Releases Underdog Video


Kasabian – Website / Myspace

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Read What We Read – Spector goes to the clink, Waaves causes waves, and a new STP album on the way

Author: Skelly May 29th, 2009

Today is May 29, 2009, and tomorrow I turn 29.  Garden update: the birds are busy cleaning out the worms.

My nephew wrote a Facebook message today that simply read “I need somebody…”  He can be pretty dramatic, love the kid to death.  My response to him?  This.


That video also goes out to my dear friend Kim (aka DANK).  She rocks, and if you see her around, let her know.

The feed:

Minnesota’s Pop Inc is Counting Down the Days to the Release of a New Video Featuring the Voice of Simon Jones – via Pop Inc Myspace Bulletin

Phil Spector Gets At Least 19 Years For Murder – Billboard

WAVVES meltdown @ Primavera Sound Festival last night – Brooklyn Vegan
(Pretty damn funny.)

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Working With Producer DON WAS on New Album – Roadrunner Records

U2 Manager: Free Is The Enemy Of Good; And It’s Moral To Protect Old Business Models – Techdirt
(This is worth a few minutes of your time… I think.)

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Peter Bjorn and John Release “It Don’t Move Me” Video

Author: Skelly May 29th, 2009

I’m really not sure if this video is a parody of Dirty Dancing or just an excuse to kick apublicly  downed Michael Jackson, but its good for some serious laughs.  For some reason I really, really wanted the ahtletic suit guy to get pegged by a golf ball.  (sigh)  No such luck.

Peter Bjorn and John played the Fine Line earlier this year, but aren’t scheduled to return any time in the near future.



Peter Bjorn and John – Website / Myspace

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Yourself & The Air Tour Dates, Coming to the Turf Club, Jul. 31

Author: Skelly May 29th, 2009

Chicago’s Yourself & The Air is slated to play the Turf Club at the end of July.  These guys are busy crafting what some might be consider quintessential indie rock – a bit like The Killers, a bit like Bloc Party, a bit weird at times like… well, you know what band.

And although this is a bit late, it’s new to us.  So here’s a little video Yourself & The Air put together and released in January, an abridged version of their song “So You’ve Come To Mingle” from thier 2008 E.P. Friend of All Breeds.  Check for other concert dates below and do support our neighbors from The Windy City.  They’ll be joined by Cincinnati’s Pomegranates.

0 Yourself & The Air Tour Dates, Coming to the Turf Club, Jul. 31

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Slobberbone Tour Dates, Coming to the 400 Bar, Aug. 15

Author: Skelly May 29th, 2009

780286881 l Slobberbone Tour Dates, Coming to the 400 Bar, Aug. 15What do you think of first when you hear the name “Slobberbone”?  Do you think of a great, big ole’ bloodhound slobbering all over a rawhide chew bone?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, but it was worth checking out.

Slobberbone is a trashcan kickin’ garage band straight out of the mid-90’s heyday, when many bright folks thought Pavement was the greatest band in the world.  Bands like this were a last bastion against the great sell-out, and like The Lemonheads, they were indie long before anyone knew or cared what the term meant.  Incidentally, I still don’t really care what the term means, because rock n’ roll is all we need.

Listen up!

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Read What We Read – Electric Fetus Commercial, 8hz, and Heliotrope

Author: Skelly May 28th, 2009

Today is May 28, 2009, a grand day for gardening.  In case you didn’t know, the hardware stores are clearancing gardening goods like they’re going out of style.  Of course, they’re just going out of season.

The following is a rather awkward video I caught today of Mary Lucia from 89.3 The Current feeding a calf at the MN Zoo.  Aside from that Wah.. huh? induced after Mary mentions something about “sucking,” I also found myself going Oh no! when I noticed the unfortuante soul in the background licking his chops.  That poor guy (the cow, not the farmhand) wanted some milk from Mary too, but he just had to chill in his stall with nothin’.

Thanks for the clip Mary, very amusing. 😉

0 Read What We Read   Electric Fetus Commercial, 8hz, and Heliotrope
Word on the street is:

Be In An Electric Fetus Commercial Tomorrow! – The Electric Fetus Myspace Bulletin

Local bands announce 8Hz collective – Culture Bully
(Thanks to Chris DeLine, for asking the good questions.)

Jeff Buckley Grace Around The World Hitting Stores Next Week – Anti Music

Queen to work with ‘American Idol’ loser? – NME
(This is very, very disappointing. Didn’t anyone learn a lesson from INXS?)

MySpace Music Mints A Messy Music Feed – Hypebot

Heliotrope kicks off today – Gimme Noise

heliotrope500 Read What We Read   Electric Fetus Commercial, 8hz, and Heliotrope

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