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Seein’ the Scene: a weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (9/22/09 – 9/28/09)

Author: Mike September 30th, 2009

(Seein’ the Scene is a weekly photographic presentation featuring images from some of the best local rock concerts Minnesota has to offer. These images are captured through the lens’ of local rock photographer Mike Minehart. We welcome comments. More images from these shows can often be viewed at www.mikeminehart.com.)

92309 IMG 0008 Seein the Scene: a weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (9/22/09   9/28/09)
Bradford – The Uptown Bar in Minneapolis – 9/23/09

Link – Bradford

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Tapes ‘n Tapes Offer Up A Twin Cities Mix Tape

Author: Skelly September 29th, 2009

Tapesntapes Tapes n Tapes Offer Up A Twin Cities Mix TapeIn case you haven’t heard, Tapes ‘n Tapes are embarking upon a mini Twin Cities tour this weekend, giving you a reason to enjoy one, two, or three rock-filled nights out this weekend.  But in addition to this, the band is also tipping a hat to other local Twin Cities artists via a limited time, downloadable mixtape available through their website.  Here’s the official word from the Tapes ‘n Tapes myspace blog:

soooo, as you may (or may not) know, we are having a little “tour” of the twin cities this coming up weekend.  the details about the shows are below, but that’s not what this is about.  to celebrate all things minneapolis/st paul, we’ve made a mixtape!  it’s got a song from each of our “tourmates” and some of our favorite bands, including dosh, gay beast, fog, chooglin’, the plastic constellations, birthday suits and many, many more.  you can download the whole thing FOR FREE at our website, tapesntapes.com.

thanks so much to all the bands who were kind enough to let us share their songs with you!  this will only be up for a week….so get it while you can and tell your friends!!!!

hopefully we’ll see y’all soon!
love always,

10/1 7th Street Entry
w/ Mystery Palace and Lookbook

10/2 Music Box Theater (ACOUSTIC SHOW)
w/ Jeremy Messersmith and The Owls

10/3 Turf Club
w/ Chooglin’ and Red Pens

Wondering what the full tracklist looks like?  Here ya go:

1. chooglin – this demon life
2. red pens – street issue
3. jeremy messersmith – franklin avenue
4. the owls – channel
5. mystery palace – stepchild
6. lookbook – true to form
7. kid dakota – pilgrim
8. vampire hands – safe word
9. fog – your beef is mine
10. gay beast – eeexxxpppaaannndddiiinnnggg
11. dosh – don’t wait for the needle to drop
12. best friends forever – abe lincoln
13. birthday suits – slowly motion
14. the plastic constellations – we came to play
15. skoal kodiak – harpie
16. the blind shake – soft zodiac

Follow this link to go snag the free downloads, then head out to support some talented local artists this weekend!

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Here Come the Regulars by: Ian Anderson

Author: Skelly September 29th, 2009

hctr cover Here Come the Regulars by: Ian Anderson

While stopping by the Afternoon Records website today, I happened upon a post advertising a newly published book by Minnesota record label owner and One For The Team member Ian Anderson, entitled Here Come the Regulars.  It’s now available for preorder (only $15) via the Afternoon Records website, and will be available in stores Oct. 20.

I haven’t read a copy of Here Come the Regulars yet, but without doing so I do know this.  Anytime a person releases a firsthand account of their experiences to a wider audience, it is valuable, if only to the select few who involve themselves in the specific topic.  Here Come the Regulars will join other intimate volumes on Minnesota’s rich music heritage such as Jim Walsh’s All Over But The Shouting and Jake Slichter’s So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star.  If you’re involved in the local music scene, there will no doubt be something of good use within the pages of this new book.  You can preorder your copy of the book here, or stop by your local bookseller and scout a copy on Oct. 20.

On a personal note – thanks Ian for sharing your experiences with everyone. 🙂

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School of Seven Bells “I Am Under No Disguise” – Free mp3 Download

Author: Skelly September 29th, 2009

l 5be1dc429aa84cc8a0b5b44224600e15 School of Seven Bells I Am Under No Disguise   Free mp3 Download

Brooklyn’s School of Seven Bells will be hitting the 7th Street Entry on October 13, and ahead of the flood they’ve dropped a new mix of “I Am Under No Disguise,” available below for download.

Many touring bands graciously pass through Minnesota every year, but some make a point to visit more often than others.  School of Seven Bells is one of those bands.  We appreciate it, and if you do too, mark your calendar for October 13 and let the band know by numbers at the 7th Entry.

“I Am Under No Disguise” by: School of Seven Bells


School of Seven Bells – Website / Myspace

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Album Reviews: The Brutes, Samwell Rowan, and Mark Mallman

Author: Mary Scott September 25th, 2009

TheBrutes Album Reviews: The Brutes, Samwell Rowan, and Mark Mallman


The Brutes self titled EP is a frantic foray into Rock-Pop ala The Killers, Blur and Costello.  Stand out singer as well as guitarist Gregg Garvey balances poetic, brooding lines with playful hooks and crunchy, catchy riffs.  Bass, drums and guitars: 3.89 out of 5 stars. The EP sounds like what Pop Rocks feel like in your mouth- edgy and fizzy. College radio programmers: add #1 to your play list or I’ll show up to your office and sock you in the face.

Stand Out Tracks: #1 (The Science Works For Us); #6 (Attention To Me).

Upcoming Live Dates and Info: Friday, October 2nd on Drinking With Ian in the First Avenue Main Room; www.myspace.com/thebrutesband

“This Science Works For Us” by: The Brutes

SamRowan Album Reviews: The Brutes, Samwell Rowan, and Mark Mallman

SAMWELL ROWANThe Closing Procedure

Lush atmospherics swirl and materialize as cinematic soundtracks on this instrumental record where Rowan reminds us bass isn’t just one of four items used to create run-of-the-mill Rock-N-Roll.  Shades of Sylvian, The Cocteau Twins and Eric Serra swirl in the late afternoon sun of this highly imaginative album.  Only criticism: more vocals- even if only ambient- on the next one please?  In the meantime, move to Hollywood and help score Diablo Cody films because she desperately needs your help!

Stand Out Tracks: #3 (You Got Stepped On); #11 (By The Money Tree), #13 (The Closing Procedure).

Upcoming Live Dates and Info: The Turf Club (October 27th) or Memory Lanes (November 7th); www.myspace.com/samwellrowan

CD Mallman Invincible Album Reviews: The Brutes, Samwell Rowan, and Mark Mallman

MARK MALLMANInvincible Criminal

I’m sure Mallman’s heard this a million times, but if 1970’s Billy Joel and Paul McCartney jumped through SG-1 to find themselves in early 21st Century New York as late 20-somethings, you’d have Invincible Criminal.  Mike Geronsin- who played bass and various guitars on this album- should be resoundingly proud of his work, which is some of his most stellar to date.  Producer Brad Cassetto is at his best as well.

Stand Out Tracks: #2 (You’re Never Alone in New York); #7 (Light The Dynamite And Run); #11 (If We Only Kept Getting Young).

Upcoming Live Dates and Info: www.myspace.com/markmallman

0 Album Reviews: The Brutes, Samwell Rowan, and Mark Mallman

NEW BANDS NOTE: if you would like your album reviewed swiftly, enclose a Coty or L’Oreal lipstick in British Red. Better yet, send a giftcard of some sort. Bribery works wonders, but doesn’t guarantee that I won’t rip you to shreds if you suck.

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Psst…Ray LaMontagne is at the State Theater Nov. 13, pass it on…

Author: Nika September 24th, 2009

RayLaMontagne 06 big Psst...Ray LaMontagne is at the State Theater Nov. 13, pass it on...Ray LaMontagne is coming to the State Theater November 13th 2009.  Never heard of him? Neither had I until this morning when I received and excited text from my friend Rick who’s in Colorado.  He wrote, “Have you ever heard of Ray LaMontagne?  I nearly wrecked my car when I first heard his voice.   I am 99% sure you will immediately love him.”  After listening to this singer/songwriter that hails from the lovely state of Maine, I have concluded that Rick was right.  The song “You Are The Best Thing” seduces you with an array of horns and the chorus beckons your participation. Ray LaMontagne’s voice is reminiscent of the Sam Cooks and Otis Reddings of rock.  His writing can describe a Monet or the cover of a Rolling Stones magazine, i.e. in the song “Meg White”.   At other times the intensity of his voice whispers sonnets for you and only you to hear.  The range of his storytelling is something people should experience.  His cover of “Imagine” is performed impeccably, and would make the hairs on John Lennon’s neck stand up in appreciation.

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