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A Farewell to So It Goes…

Author: Mike November 30th, 2009

We’re sad to announce that So It Goes—one of the best bands in town if you ask me—will be playing their final show Friday, December 4th at The Fineline. Special guests include White Light Riot, The Strange Lights, and The Invincible Kids along with guest DJ Dirty McKenzie. The following info comes straight from the band:

soitgoes A Farewell to So It Goes...

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may have heard, the rumors are true: after 5 years of new-punk-wave dance rockin to our hearts’ content, we’re hanging up the spurs and giving up the ghost to chase new challenges and endeavors, some of us together, others apart. As Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., the grand inspirator for our namesake would say, “So it goes.”

Although bitter-sweet, we consider ourselves lucky that this inevitability is the result of harmonious choice rather than a drama-toxic fallout that befalls too many. Over the past few years, we have been fortunate to play with some of Erotic City’s finest bands on its greatest stages, track and record our music with top-notch talent at superstar studios, and tour places near and far, from here to New York. In many ways we have become “unstuck in time,” all the while making friends and having a blast doing it our way.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

We are excited and honored to invite you to our curtain call event, which is certain to be our best show yet, on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4 at THE FINE LINE in downtown Minneapolis. We are flattered to be joined by good friends and superlatives, White Light Riot, The Strange Lights, The Invincible Kids, and special guest Dirty McKenzie, who will DJ some Indie/Dance gems in between sets.

Here’s the skinny nitty-gritty:

White Light Riot
The Strange Lights
The Invincible Kids (9 pm)
(special guest Dirty McKenzie)
21+ $5 9pm

Stay tuned for more details and news about the show, but in the meantime, thanks for listening now, then, and always. Hope to see you at the Fine Line to help celebrate this fantastic night with us.

Love and Cheers,
(((SO IT GOES)))

We’ll have an in-depth interview with the band posted later this week. In the mean time, watch their video for “Rejection!” off latest release The Quick Fix and be sure to RSVP to the event on Facebook.

0 A Farewell to So It Goes...


So It Goes – Website / MySpace

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Interview: The Arms Akimbo

Author: Mike November 25th, 2009

The Arms Akimbo formed in Minneapolis in early 2009 and are releasing their debut EP You Want To! this Friday, November 27th at the Kitty Cat Klub with support from The Alarmists and The Invincible Kids.

armsakimbo Interview: The Arms Akimbo

From left to right: Chris Dillon (guitar and vocals), Nick Schaser (bass and lead vocals), Ian Schaser (drums).

Mike: Though you are a new band to most people in town, your bio says the three of you were actually in another band here several years ago called The Serfs. What inspired you three to come back together and make music again as a “new” band?

Chris: Well, Nick moved off to London after college and played with a band there called Jack Maggs for about 3 years. When Nick moved back to Minnesota, he and I decided to put together an acoustic set for the purpose of making money playing at local coffee shops and restaurants. That got old pretty quick. Before long Ian was sitting in on drums during our rehearsals and I was bringing my electric guitar and we were doing “This Charming Man” and “Heart in a Cage” rather than working on our acoustic rendition of “The Kids Are Alright”. We started working on our own material and booking “real shows” shortly after that.

Ian: The Strokes – “First Impressions of Earth”. I was working on some of the drum parts on that album and getting sick of drumming alone with my headphones on. Nick had just got back from England so we decided to all get together. The first song we did was “Heart In A Cage”.

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Seein’ the Scene: a weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (10/27/09 – 11/2/09)

Author: Mike November 7th, 2009

(Seein’ the Scene is a weekly photographic presentation featuring images from some of the best local rock concerts Minnesota has to offer. These images are captured through the lens’ of local rock photographer Mike Minehart. We welcome comments. More images from these shows can often be viewed at www.mikeminehart.com.)

1028 IMG 0023 Seein the Scene: a weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (10/27/09   11/2/09)

Joey Ryan and The Inks - Mario's Keller Bar in Minneapolis - 10/28/09

Link – Joey Ryan and the Inks

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