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“New Year’s Eve” by Phil Solem

Author: Mike December 31st, 2009

U2 has a well-known song called “New Year’s Day” obviously, but Minneapolis singer-songwriter Phil Solem (best known as one half of 90’s mega-pop-rock duo The Rembrandts) has his own song called “New Year’s Eve”. And since that just so happens to be today, why not take a listen?

philsolem1 New Years Eve by Phil Solem

Phil is playing tonight at Station 4 opening for Grant Hart, but if you can’t make that you can check him out next at Sauce on February 6th with Mars to Mercury and The Notties.


Phil Solem – MySpace

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France Has The Bomb Song Featured in BMX Video

Author: Skelly December 31st, 2009

Minneapolis’ France Has The Bomb recently posted to their myspace blog a link to a BMX video featuring their song “Grim Trigger.”  The video shows late 90’s BMX star Brian Foster performing, for lack of better description, a bunch of crazy stuff I would never dream of trying my hand (or pedal) at.  It’s a pretty stellar montage overall, but most importantly, it gives you the best excuse you never needed to listen to “Grim Trigger.”

0 France Has The Bomb Song Featured in BMX Video

France Has The Bomb will play the 7th Street Entry on January 16th, along with Tiger Bones, Bombay Sweets, and Invisible Boy.


France Has The Bomb – Myspace

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Northern Outpost Releases Mark Mallman Live

Author: Skelly December 30th, 2009

A few months back Northern Outpost put forth a bit of live footage from Mark Mallman’s CD release show at First Avenue on September 5.  Now, perhaps as a sort of Holiday gift to all of us, they’ve opened the vault from the show and made available all live footage from that evening.  Below is a video of Mallman performing one of my personal favorites from his new album Invincible Criminal, entitled “White Leather Days.”

Mark Mallman will perform tomorrow night on New Year’s Eve at the Varsity Theater.


Mark Mallman – Website / Myspace

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Emptying the Stack: Some Local Albums We Missed in 2009

Author: Skelly December 29th, 2009

With so many local bands and artists in Minnesota, it can be difficult for a blogger (not to mention everyone else!) to keep up with everything coming around and past the bend.  Throughout 2009 our digital music libraries have swelled with submissions from artists around world, and we owe a debt of gratitude to each for sharing their art with us.  For many of these folks, we shared their music with Borangutan readers in the same fashion they shared it with us.  Yet for others, we regrettably lost track of time and couldn’t get around to sharing theirs, and to these, we’ll renew efforts to push some things through in 2010.

But somewhere amongst the tumult of bulging email boxes, swelling computer folders, and overwhelming varieties of digital stimuli are the traditional, nicely packaged compact discs that, although they are a dying breed in an increasingly digitized music world, stand as a reminder that even today there is value found in the tangible.  Below we’ve selected a number of albums that were presented to us in hard copy form either by people at shows or through our mailing address.  By recognizing the work of these artists and bands we keep true to the age old saying – better late than never. 😉

ignition to on position Emptying the Stack: Some Local Albums We Missed in 2009

John Snell the TenthIgnition To On Position

John Snell has been creating music and releasing albums for well over a decade, but until a chance encounter at the end of summer 2009 he had flown entirely under our radar.   Ignition To On Position cultivates deep psychedelic roots and folk mentalities, influences that Snell is all but secretive about.  Even his webpage proudly proclaims that “Great psychedelic music is still being written today, it was just hard to find until now.”   We couldn’t agree more!  A listen to Ignition To On Position will not only introduce you to Snell’s personal brand of psychedelia for the 21st century, but also his quirky approach to modern day subject matter.  Songs like “What’s On Snellevision?” showcase Snell’s comfort in flirting with the absurd, while contrasting tunes like “Song On Global Climate Change” display no reservations about delving into a deep dialogue with a listener.

“Song On Global Climate Change” by: John Snell the Tenth


John Snell the Tenth – Website / Myspace / iTunes
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New Year’s Eve 2009: Where to rock, where to roll

Author: Mike December 28th, 2009

New Year’s Eve is inevitably one of the biggest nights of the year for live music events. If you’re looking for a killer show to check out in the cities you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume of possibilities. But we’re here to help out by giving you a simple venue-by-venue list with all the important details included below. This list may also be added to as more information comes in.

mallman nye New Years Eve 2009: Where to rock, where to rollThe Varsity Theater

Mark Mallman
White Light Riot
First Communion Afterparty
Koo Koo Kanga Roo

8 PM doors (9 PM show), 18+, $12

RSVP on Facebook

Mike’s note: This is the show I’ll be at. Mallman, already one of the most epic performers in town, truly pulls out all the stops on NYE and has done this show at The Varsity since 2006. This show will sell out as usual. I went in 2007, which featured his now-notorious “scooter solo” stunt. He revved a power scooter’s tire back-and-forth across his keyboard from a ramp set up at the front of the stage. Also of note: NYE falls on a second full moon in December (sometimes referred to as a “blue moon”), which means that there’s serious potential for a MALLWOLF sighting. YES.

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Seein’ the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (12/21/09 – 12/27/09)

Author: Mike December 28th, 2009

Seein’ the Scene is a (typically) weekly photographic presentation featuring images from some of the best local rock concerts Minnesota has to offer. These images are captured through the lens of Minneapolis rock photographer Mike Minehart. We welcome comments. More images from these shows can often be viewed at www.mikeminehart.com.

1226 IMG 0013 alltherightmoves Seein the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (12/21/09 – 12/27/09)
All The Right Moves - The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis - 12/26/09

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