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Best New Bands of 2009, MPLS.TV Recap

Author: Skelly January 29th, 2010

We were just recently just turned on to MPLS.TV, and when we landed there, what did we find?  Lo and behold, most excellently arranged footage of Best New Band Night at First Avenue nightclub from a couple weeks back.  In the video you’ll find some live concert footage and  interviews with the artists and event organizers.  The City Pages‘ Andrea Swensson acts as your guide to the action, with a short usurpation by No Bird Sing‘s Eric Blair.

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the microphone hand-off between Andrea and Eric was amicable. 😉

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Mike Minehart on Minnesota Public Radio’s Art Hounds

Author: Skelly January 29th, 2010

Hey folks, I just wanted to direct your attention to an episode of MPR’s Art Hounds that aired yesterday.  One of Borangutan’s photographers, Mike Minehart, made an appearance to share a bit about Rock the Cause.  Other thoughtful submissions in the broadcast included that by Nancy Rosenbaum, speaking about Elements in Translation, and by Peter Flick, directing attention to the Frozen River Film Festival.

Listen to the broadcast below!

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Rock the Cause Week Wrap-Up

Author: Skelly January 29th, 2010

HeaderBG4 Rock the Cause Week Wrap Up

Well, here it is, the end of Rock the Cause week on Borangutan, and I hope at some point in the past several days we were successful at imparting the strong message RtC has for you.  I’m just about ready to spring out the door to run the many errands I have before Glitter Ball tonight, but first, I received an email from RtC founder Scott Herold earlier this week that I’d like to share.  Scott’s story is Rock the Cause’s story; one man with a vision who helped others find that similar vision within them.  He sent over the following personal quote, but really, the heart of RtC is found in the music – the music of the artists who now perform for RtC, and Scott’s own music he created just prior to its founding.  He shared a bit of that music with us below.

I realized I did not want to be trying to make it as a performer in my mid 30’s. It was an expensive habit. I think the songs really get to the heart of what I am about. In some ways what is really working at the core of Rock the Cause. I am very proud of all the people who have made Rock the Cause what it is today. The energy, emotion, and dedication of everyone let’s me know that Rock the Cause will continue to be a thriving, innovative force in philanthropy and music.

– Scott Herold, CEO and Found of Rock the Cause

Scott didn’t send a name over for the following tune since it never went beyond the demo stage.  I’m just going to call it “Vision.”

“Vision” by: Scott Herold

Just for kicks, and in the spirit of music communicating meaningful change in our lives, this last one I picked just for you.  I hope I see you at Glitter Ball tonight!

“God Gave Rock ‘n Roll To You II” by: KISS

GB3 ImageOnlyFinal Rock the Cause Week Wrap UpLinks

Rock the Cause – Website

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities – Website / Become a Volunteer

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Rock the Cause’s New Promotional Video

Author: Skelly January 28th, 2010

HeaderBG4 Rock the Causes New Promotional Video

“Rock The Cause not only hosts the best parties in town, but does what most of us rarely ever do – look passed the party and the glam.  Underneath every event are hard working people from local businesses and charities struggling to make a change in this economy.  Through its events, Rock The Cause is building a community that until this point has only been talked about.”

– Jon Chang,  St Olaf College Chairman, Music Entertainment Committee and Student

Recently Rock the Cause put together a little promotional video to answer those “Who/What/How/Why” questions people always seem to have.  Even Rock the Cause, an organization built upon a strong foundation of good-will and philanthropy, doesn’t expect anyone to follow any cause with a blind fervor.  Click the link below to check out the short video, and consider helping to rock the cause in the future.

Rock the Cause Promotional Video

On another note, have you checked out The Arms Akimbo yet?  If not, go visit their Myspace page and listen to some tunes, or follow this link to watch their live in-studio performance on 89.3 The Current.  Read an interview with them HERE.  The band landed a spot on Rock the Cause’s list of “Who Rocked in 2009,” and deservedly so!  See what they have to say about Rock the Cause below, and don’t forget to press play!

armsakimbo Rock the Causes New Promotional Video

Rock The Cause is an incredible organization, comprised of volunteers who are truly passionate about using the power of music to make a difference in our community and beyond. This idea of making a measurable difference in the world can be overwhelming to say the least, but through partnerships with non-profit groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Free Arts Minnesota, Rock The Cause is getting it done; one life at a time! Their hard work and determination in the face of a daunting task is truly inspiring! As a new band in 2009, we’re excited to be a part of what’s going on at Rock The Cause and we’re looking forward to doing whatever we can to help them reach their goals.

– The Arms Akimbo

“Giving Up For Good” by: The Arms Akimbo


The Arms Akimbo – Website / Myspace

Rock the Cause – Website

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities – Website / Become a Volunteer

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The Plastic Constellations In-Studio on 89.3 The Current

Author: Skelly January 28th, 2010

The Plastic Constellations did an in-studio performance at 89.3 The Current earlier this month, and unless you were one of the 1,377 people who hit youtube to watch it, you probably haven’t seen it yet.  It’s worth watching, enjoy!

0 The Plastic Constellations In Studio on 89.3 The Current


The Plastic Constellations – Myspace

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MPLS.TV Winter Jubilee at The Bedlam Theater Jan. 28

Author: Skelly January 27th, 2010

Thursday’s can be such a drag, right?  Well, tomorrow doesn’t have to be, so long as you get your keister out to the Bedlam Theater to support MPLS.TV.  Attendees may expect to be treated to the likes of Zoo Animal, We Became Actors, Bethany Larson and the Bee’s Knees, Paragraphs, Guante & Big Cats, & The Chelsea Boys.

Admission is $10 and proceeds will go to benefit MPLS.TV.  Be there!

JubileePoster MPLS.TV Winter Jubilee at The Bedlam Theater Jan. 28

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