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Some Things You May Not Know About Rock the Cause

Author: Skelly January 27th, 2010

HeaderBG4 Some Things You May Not Know About Rock the Cause

Rock the Cause is really working hard to be a role model for College students. I am glad they have found their voice.

– Kent Linder, Development Director, Open Arms of Minnesota

How many times have you found yourself conversing with friends and had them drop the name of a website, telling you that it’s “one of the coolest sites on the web”?  Of those times, how often did you follow-up later on and actually visit that website?  Taking things one step further, once you were on that website, how much time did you spend poking around, really figuring out what it was all about?

We humans can have particularly fickle attention spans, and when given the option, we’ll often choose summary over depth of writing.  Yet who can contest that digging deep into a website can be a gold mine for education, enlightenment, and enjoyment if we only spend the time and attention needed!?  Well, I’ve done just that with a little site called irockthecause.org, and however much I would prefer you pay the site a visit yourself, I know there’s a chance that won’t happen.  So, I’m going to begin summarizing, and at any time you feel like leaving here and heading over there, you’ll be most welcome (but, come back later if you have the time.) 😉

Some things I learned about Rock the Cause

Did you know?

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Glitter Ball 3 Sells Out!

Author: Skelly January 26th, 2010

HeaderBG4 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Glitter Ball 3 Sells Out!

The people at Rock the Cause have a great passion for the music scene and helping our nonprofits. I love whenever I get a call from them with a new idea to help us grow our base of support.

– Andrea Satter, Development Director – Free Arts Minnesota

Welcome back to Rock the Cause week here on Borangutan!  This week we’re showcasing Rock the Cause artists and partnered organizations each day in an effort to raise awareness for Minnesota’s hardest rocking non-profit (Rock the Cause) and the local charities it supports.

Yesterday afternoon we caught word that Glitter Ball 3 is sold out for this Friday night!  So if you didn’t snag a ticket, keep your eyes fixed to the Rock the Cause website for the next event.  In desperation you could try to loiter outside The Music Box and attempt to find a scalper, but something tells me Lady Fortune won’t be hanging out there with you.  GB3 ticket holders are in for one heckuva ride Friday, and the capacity crowd will be a cherry on top.  No doubt, one would need to be ridiculous to part with a ticket at this point!

One thing that makes Glitter Ball particularly entertaining (and to some perhaps, bewildering) are the many displays of anachronism that can invade the eyes at any moment.  This isn’t a mere night of cover bands playing a handful of cover songs – it’s more like rock ‘n roll theater, and Guns ‘n Roses will be taking the stage Friday courtesy of Minneapolis rockers The Notties.    After releasing their album Poor Traits last year, the band has been keeping busy supporting Rock the Cause and playing local shows throughout the cities.  But what will they do Friday night?  Will they play Paradise City?  (probably)  Sweet Child ‘O Mine? (Likely)  Patience? (if we’re lucky)

It’s So Easy? (No, they wouldn’t play that, would they!)  😮

TheNotties Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Glitter Ball 3 Sells Out!

This electrifying show should not be missed if you have any love for the 80s and want to feel good about helping our community.  Rock The Cause is a fabulous hard-working organization that The Notties are truly proud to be a part of.

– Jon Ehresmann (The Notties)

“Pull Yourself” by: The Notties

As mentioned above, The Notties will be masquerading as Guns ‘n Roses at this Friday evening’s Glitter Ball 3 at The Music Box Theater.  The concert has sold out, but the charities are still in need of your help.  Please consider visiting the links below and becoming involved in your local community and music scene.


The Notties – Myspace

Rock the Cause – Website

Big Brother Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities – Website / Become a Volunteer

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Seein’ the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (1/18/10 – 1/24/10)

Author: Mike January 25th, 2010

Seein’ the Scene is a (typically) weekly photographic presentation featuring images from some of the best local rock concerts Minnesota has to offer. These images are captured through the lens of Minneapolis rock photographer Mike Minehart. We welcome comments. More images from these shows can often be viewed at www.mikeminehart.com.

21 IMG 0013 redfoxgreyfox Seein the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (1/18/10 – 1/24/10)
Red Fox Grey Fox - 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis - 1/21/10

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Borangutan Declares Rock the Cause Week

Author: Skelly January 25th, 2010

HeaderBG4 Borangutan Declares Rock the Cause Week

“Rock the Cause is a phenomenal organization! The RTC team has an amazing passion for helping local non-profits and have already helped our agency by recruiting a number of male mentors, which is one of our biggest needs.  We are tremendously appreciative for everything that Rock the Cause is doing to build stronger communities, one child at a time.”

Nadia Siddiqui, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities

This Friday evening’s Glitter Ball 3 will be the first of many Rock the Cause hosted events in 2010, and to celebrate the kick-off of a great year for Minnesota’s hardest rocking charity, we’ve decided to declare Rock the Cause week on Borangutan.  Everyday this week we’ll be bringing you music and testimonials from Rock the Cause artists and partnered organizations, providing insight into what Rock the Cause is all about and why it makes the Borangs rush for their dancing shoes!

We might add we’re not the only ones taking note of this Friday’s festivities; Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak has also acknowledged the tireless efforts of Rock the Cause in our communities, declaring this Friday “Rock the Cause for Big Brothers Big Sisters Day.”

For more information about Rock the Cause’s partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Cities, check out a post we did a couple weeks back.  And without further ado, let us introduce you (or perhaps reintroduce you) to Alison Scott, a Minneapolis artist whose unique brand of soul has that special, graceful edge that makes one yearn for that coveted table, front and center, before her stage in an intimately lit Minneapolis club.  Please tell us you’ll play a show on February 14th Alison. 😉

Ali press photo 09 crop Borangutan Declares Rock the Cause Week

“Rock the Cause, where do I begin!?!  The group of people running this organization is top notch.  They are 100% committed to the project, and their passion is infectious.  It makes the rest of us want to run out and DO something.  I just feel like one of the lucky ones, to have been asked to be involved in this is truly exciting.  Besides, who else would ask me to tease my hair, throw on some leggings and rock out to ACDC????  If I knew that could raise money, I’d do it every day!  Ladies and Gents…help us Rock the Cause! -Alison Scott

“Stop!” by: Alison Scott

Alison Scott will perform at Glitter Ball 3 at The Music Box Theater this Friday evening, January 29.  Tickets can be purchased through Rock the Cause for $15.  Happy hour begins at 6:30PM, music at 8:00PM.


Alison Scott – Website / Myspace

Rock the Cause – Website

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities- Website / Become a Volunteer

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The Vikings Sunday Afternoon Locker Room

Author: Skelly January 22nd, 2010

If  you’re like me, you’ll be glued to the tube this Sunday afternoon, beers and jeers prepared, cheering for the purple and gold (right?), and waiting for Adrian Peterson to finally run the football like a number one back again.  Because if he doesn’t, then the Vikes will almost certainly have a hard go of things, and if that comes to pass, they’ll need every little bit of support they can get from any outlet.  This is why I’m very concerned about the team getting off on the right foot Sunday afternoon, and though arguments can be made that real preparation began earlier this week, the week before, or even at the beginning of the season, I still believe the true beginning of the ordeal begins in the locker room just prior to game time.

So, coach Childress, I implore you.  Do not, under any circumstance, play the following as a rallying cry prior to game time.  Choose “Who Let the Dogs Out,” or “We Are The Champions,” or anything else!  Just please, not this.

0 The Vikings Sunday Afternoon Locker Room

We love you Prince, but we simply can’t find anyone who loves this. 🙁

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An Interview with Knol Tate of Askeleton

Author: Todd January 18th, 2010

KnolTate 225x300 An Interview with Knol Tate of AskeletonKnol Tate is one of those guys that has been around the Twin Cities’ music scene for quite some time now.  The last decade and a half has found him involved with bands ranging from Killsadie to The Hidden Chord to Ela to Askeleton.  Most recently, he can be seen fronting Satellite Voices.  I recently had a chance to question him on the creative process behind the music.

Todd: Where have you been for the last year and a half or so?  It seems like you played a handful of shows with the release of The Personalization and then you just sort of disappeared.  What’s the status of Askeleton?

Knol Tate: After playing a few shows for the release of The Personalization we lost our drummer and a guitar player, (and) the 3 of us left in the Askeleton band couldn’t really decide what we wanted to do.  I just started working on a new record (and) came up with a handful of songs based sort of on the idea I had had for the first couple of Askeleton releases.  Just simple structures based on a few loops or samples, but this time I just sort of improvised my own sounds and treated them as samples.  Soon after Scott (SBJ) and Noah (Paster) came in with ideas for more guitar, keyboards, bass and drums parts for the songs.  Noah and I basically played all the drums on the project. Noah is a fine drummer and bass player, and would do takes all the way through songs.  I would play a few bars on the hi-hat and kick drum and loop them; then overdub snares, toms and random pots, pans and other non-traditional things for percussion.

“Isolationsist” by: Askeleton

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