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Sound Unseen Reveals The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights

Author: Skelly February 25th, 2010

weposter452 410 x 600 Sound Unseen Reveals The White Stripes   Under Great White Northern Lights

One of the great things about living in the Twin Cities must be the crazy amounts of artistic sneak previews we receive every year.  Be it film, music, performing art, or otherwise, we’re truly spoiled!  Case in point, this coming Wednesday evening’s Sound Unseen sponsored screening of The White Stripes – Under Great White Northern Lights at the Trylon microcinema.  As I understand it, your appearance at Trylon microcinema will guarantee you a spot in the exclusive “I saw it first” club!

The film follows The White Stripes as they embarked upon a pan-Canadian tour in 2007, and if you’ve ever wondered just what it would be like being one of the busiest rock ‘n rollers in the industry (here’s looking at you Jack White), then this is your chance!  Expect lots of stellar live footage and behind the scenes action.  This film is brought to us courtesy of Sound Unseen, a locally based “films on music” organization devoted to bringing all of us the best in music and film entertainment.  As a special treat for those attending on Wednesday, an appearance by Gay Witch Abortion will occur sometime after 9PM at the XYandZ Gallery next door.

“Girl Pop Soda” by: Gay Witch Abortion

Tickets for The White Stripes screening on March 3 may be purchased via the Sound Unseen website.  Tickets are $8 a piece, and seats at Wednesday’s 6:00PM and 9:45PM screening are still available.  So hurry before they’re all sold out!

White Stripes Party 413 x 600 Sound Unseen Reveals The White Stripes   Under Great White Northern Lights

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An Interview with Geoff Makousky of OBCT

Author: Todd February 25th, 2010

GeoffMakousky An Interview with Geoff Makousky of OBCTWhen trying to describe the electropunk-industrial-metal of OBCT, I can’t but be reminded of the old expression, “Everything but the kitchen sink.” With layer upon layer of drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals I get the feeling that the proverbial “kitchen sink” must be in the mix somewhere. I recently had the chance to chat it up with lead-OBCTer Geoff Makousky about all things happening in the land of The Obese.

Todd: Starting out, how did OBCT come to be?

Geoff Makousky: OBCT was my way of moving beyond the confines of ‘rock and roll’. For many years I spearheaded a go-nowhere rock act and I got really tired of force feeding my studio creations to musicians who – try as they might – couldn’t really give me what I was looking for. I tired of the genre on whole and was ready for a new project that wasn’t confined, so I decided to stop worrying about playing live and focus on the studio work, the programming, the songwriting and production that I had become proficient with over the years.

My friend Mike and I were the first members and we quickly began working with Booty, who I had been musically entangled with since we were kids banging out punk rock tunes in an unheated barn. We all contributed beats and samples and I did most, if not all, the structure work. Quickly it became obvious that Mike was more interested in his other pursuits, his offerings to the project were sub-par so we cut ties and continued on as a tandem.

Booty was deep into sound collage, found sound, sampling and mashing media together in twisted new ways. We would begin to write our songs in a fractured, backwards style, we’d match beats with samples and I would try and build a middle-ground to tie the two together. The results were our early ‘plunderphonic’ hip-hop tracks, which were sample heavy, drum and bass driven songs with coy little hooks with an emphasis on our dual vocal delivery. We had an amazing time in the studio, matching old records with new beats and seemingly always finding a way to tie together some of the most ridiculously divergent material we could find. Booty and I began to play out live as a brave little duo, bringing a table full of turntables and samplers to rock clubs around towns and bending people’s ears with our odd, but infectious creations.

“The Apology” by: OBCT

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“Hurricane” Video – NEEDTOBREATHE

Author: Skelly February 25th, 2010

“Hurricane” is a video from South Carolina’s NEEDTOBREATHE, and happy I was to find this recently dropped in the ebox!  I’m a sucker for this kind of southern rock, and am right excited for this band’s appearance in the Twin Cities at First Avenue on March 20.  You should be too!  Cover for the show is $16.25, doors open at 6:00PM, and access is 18+.

0 Hurricane Video   NEEDTOBREATHE


NEEDTOBREATHE – Website / Myspace

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Prozac Rat Finishes Up February Minneseries Thursday at Nomad

Author: Chris V. February 24th, 2010

blackandwhiteandbear 300x200 Prozac Rat Finishes Up February Minneseries Thursday at Nomad

Prozac Rat (www.myspace.com/prozacrat) is the kind of band rock writers love to profile because it’s possible to seriously mention any of the following in the lead: homemade didgeridoos, necrophilia, or Phil Collins.

In other words, the men of Prozac Rat are mad scientists—just replace the exploding beakers and lab coats with daffy lyricism and instruments pawned from local electronics stores. Rarely do the experiments blow up in their face, though. Prozac Rat turns out instantly classic pop anthems à la Ween that leave you wondering why it took so long for someone to write a song about pigeons inhabiting chest cavities or girls hauling Easy Bake ovens into house parties.

“Who Invited You” by Prozac Rat

This Tin Pan Alley-meets-Pee Wee’s Playhouse aesthetic has rolled into the World Nomad Pub every Thursday night this February and they’ll be at the Turf Club on Thursday, March 4 for Rock n’ Raffle. A vow has been made to repeat no songs. No sweat. Dietr Poppen and Noah Smith (cousins from Dell Rapids, South Dakota by way of Minneapolis) have written “hundreds of songs” together since 1997—most sitting at home in an Alexandrian iTunes folder, of which some were distilled last fall into their debut LP, Big Palsy, released at the defunct Uptown Bar.

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Pictures of Then Release “Where They Fell” Download

Author: Skelly February 24th, 2010

Picture of Then Uniform 450 x 375 Pictures of Then Release Where They Fell Download

One of Minnesota’s best kept secrets, Pictures of Then, just released a hot new single for the masses and we highly recommend you add to playlist immediately!  We’re getting real tired over on this end, because Pictures of Then is a secret that’s really hard to keep, and frankly, we  just don’t want to keep it anymore.  Oh, despite these selfish feelings we feel inside.

We want everyone to hear this band, dig this band, and most importantly, make a grand appearance at their show this Friday evening at Sauce!  Now I know what you’re thinking – how can I juggle both this show and Ari Herstand at the Fine Line?  Well, get creative, because you mustn’t miss your first chance to hear “Where They Fell” live.  So prepare yourself, because you’re about to hear it for the first time here!

“Where They Fell” by: Pictures of Then

POFT Sauce022610 Pictures of Then Release Where They Fell Download


Pictures of Then – Website / Myspace

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Ari Herstand: Live At The Pause DVD/CD Release, 02/26/10 at the Fine Line

Author: Schwaz February 24th, 2010

Editors Note: Ari Herstand, a soft-spoken veteran within the local music scene with a look reminiscent to that of Bob Dylan, met up with Borangutan one evening to talk about his experiences in the music scene as well as the exciting release of his first DVD/CD collection premiering one of his latest music videos, “Rose Stained Red.” The following interview has been edited for clarity.

Ari Herstand 450 x 300 Ari Herstand: Live At The Pause DVD/CD Release, 02/26/10 at the Fine Line

Schwaz: You’ve been compared to prior artists such as Cat Stevens, and Howie Day, in particular when it comes to your live looping technique. What have been some of your most significant influences?

Ari Herstand: I’d say some of my earliest influences are probably The Dave Matthews Band…. That was a band that I was nearly obsessed with during middle and high school. They probably inspired my acoustic guitar playing the most. There’s also this folk artist out of Canada, Bruce Cockburn, that’s been around for a long time. He’s not very well known, but a big influence. I enjoy Cat Stevens a lot and got into him a bit later, a lot of people will compare me to artists that I’m either not a fan of or know of (laughs), it’s fine because then I’ll go get into that, research their albums and find out that I like them a lot, so I end up being turned on to other artists that I like.

“Last Day” by: Ari Herstand

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