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Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5 – Part 3

Author: Skelly February 23rd, 2010

TCEPUNK.COM  Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

This is the third and final installment in a series of articles about the TC Electropunk Vol. 5 compilation released at the tail-end of 2009. Within these articles, I have done a bit of genre deconstruction, and musically placed different songs into three particular genre categories that, admittedly, may make more sense to me than to anyone else. Dissecting TCEP5 Part 1 and TCEP5 Part 2 dealt with “Electropunk as New Wave Punk” and “Electropunk as ElectroPop” respectively. In this final article I present a final genre – one that is perhaps both the most obvious and most accessible to modern memory.

Electropunk as Industrial

How many people out there could raise their hand if asked “were you introduced to industrial music through Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails”? I could. In fact, I remember the first time I heard some Nine Inch Nails in junior high at a friend’s house. Reznor had been doing his thing for at least a few years, but the early nineties had come, and along with it, a new national scene loosely organized around a genre called “alternative,” a sort of catch-all category where previously unpopular kinds of music could be tossed into and hence made – popular? (Hmm… this strangely sounds a lot like a modern movement in rock that people bandy about. Can you name it? Here’s a hint – it starts with a big, fat “I”.) Indeed, it was industria’ls time to emerge from the underground, or industrial metal’s time at least, and it wasn’t long before my friends and I were dipping into Ministry and Helmet; and later on, Filter and Stabbing Westward. You know, the mainstream metal stuff, not the hipper contemporaneous submergent stuff. We weren’t cool enough or aware of enough for that. Cut us some slack, we were 12!

The reason I mention this short story about industrial music’s popularization is because the collection of songs found on TCEP5 seem to blossom directly from that short 6-7 year period in the 90’s where industrial metal bands were packing stadiums and clubs. If you grew up listening to Nine Inch Nails, performing impromptu self-body piercings, and testing the strength of your bedroom drywall with your fist, then you seriously need to check out these tunes.

The TCEP5 compilation begins upbeat with songs by Avenpitch, Thosquanta, and Pop Inc, but track 5, “Rampage When You Die” by OBCT, is where the ten-pound sledge falls. It actually took me a bit by surprise the first time I listened through the record. Sneaky, sneaky stuff; but for those of us who’ve stepped away from industrial metal for several years now, the thickly overdriven guitars produce a familiar beckoning call. The aggressive bellows of OBCT’s vocalists, now singularly and now in tandem, push the music over the edge and into a dark crevice of emotion.

“Control Freak” by MSRP follows on track six with rolling toms and screeching background synth. MSRP recalls fond memories I have of popping in my first Filter album, but this band mixes it up more on “Control Freak” than your typical 4-chord Filter jam. I love you Filter, but MSRP has something special going on.

CrowPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3Synching music in television and film has been going on for quite some time, but now more than ever synching has become a crucial tool in getting music out there in front of the masses. Were I producing a new Crow movie, I think I’d just synch a bunch of TCEP bands. When the Crow needs to Kill! Kill! Kill! I’d play One Two Three Dead’s “My First Communion,” a song with all the necessary edge and aggression called for. Is it time to roll in the tricked out black Cadillac yet? Then let’s play “Dr. Night” by Mach Fox and let the smooth times roll. Oh, and we also mustn’t forget the obligatory prepare and march to the final showdown scene, which could easily be driven by The Eighth’s “Wasted Heartbeats,” and as for the showdown scene itself? I think I’d toss in the maniacal sounding “Tickle Me Panzer” by Gabber Nullification Project.

The only loose string left, as I see it, would be a little tune to play while the movie credits run and folks file out of the theater. It’s a good thing Circa A.M. submitted “The Up Aboves,” because the gradual flow and thumping percussion of this song moves at just the right speed to pace a walk up the isle and out the back doors. What a way to end a flick!


OBCTPhoto Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“Rampage When You Die” by: OBCT (download free at tcelectropunk.com)


MSRPPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“Control Freak” by: MSRP

One Two Three Dead

OneTwoThreeDeadPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“My First Communion” by: One Two Three Dead (download free at tcelectropunk.com)

Mach Fox

MachFoxPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“Dr. Night” by: Mach Fox (download free at tcelectropunk.com)

The Eighth

TheEighthPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“Wasted Heartbeats” by: The Eighth (download free at tcelectropunk.com)

Gabber Nullification Project

GNPPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“Tickle Me Panzer” by: Gabber Nullification Project (download free at tcelectropunk.com)

Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5 – Part 3

Circa A.M.

CircaAMPic Dissecting TC Electropunk Vol. 5   Part 3

“The Up Aboves” by: Circa A.M. (download free at tcelectropunk.com)

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The Electric Fetus Reborn Benefit

Author: Skelly February 22nd, 2010

Do you all remember that big ole’ tornado that hit near downtown Minneapolis last August?  Well, the after effects are still being felt, notably by the Electric Fetus, one of Minneapolis’ longstanding bricks & mortar record shops.  Don’t be fooled citizens, while Ringo Starr’s silent yet blatant public support was well received, it didn’t suddenly cause money trees to magically sprout in the Fetus parking lot.  Because of the damage done to the building, the Fetus had to temporarily shut down valuable store space for some months, which ultimately led to diminished revenue.

Now is your chance to help a local establishment out and hear a ton of great local music in the process this Friday evening at the Electric Fetus benefit concert at First Avenue.  Just look below for the details, and I’ll bet you’ll recognize at least an artist name, or two, or three, or…

Fetus Benefit Bleed 500  The Electric Fetus Reborn Benefit

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Vote for The Melismatics to be played on mtvU!

Author: Mike February 22nd, 2010

melismatics digvid Vote for The Melismatics to be played on mtvU!

Back in December we brought you a quick look at “Digging Deep“, a trippy new video by Minneapolis mainstays The Melismatics. Their video is currently in an online voting competition with 4 other artists on mtvU’s “The Freshmen” with the top vote-getter for this week being added into mtvU’s regular video rotation.

(Wait, there’s an MTV that actually still shows music videos? Indeed!)

melismatics lolla Vote for The Melismatics to be played on mtvU!The Melismatics are no strangers to winning online voting competitions; they took first place in the Lollapalooza Last Band Standing contest in 2008 and subsequently got to play the #3 stage at the mega-festival, opening for the likes of MGMT and more. But they’ll need all the help they can get to win once again.

Head over to the voting page, then vote for The Melismatics on the right side of the page. It only takes 5 seconds, and you can vote literally as much as humanly possible all week long! (We say humanly because, as the rules explicitly state, votes cast via bots or macros will be disqualified.)

P.S. – You can check out their next show in town at Sauce on March 26th.


The Melismatics – Website / Facebook / MySpace / Twitter / “Digging Deep” Video / A link to something else that’s actually unrelated

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Seein’ the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (2/15/10 – 2/21/10)

Author: Mike February 22nd, 2010

Seein’ the Scene is a (typically) weekly photographic presentation featuring images from some of the best local rock concerts Minnesota has to offer. These images are captured through the lens of Minneapolis rock photographer Mike Minehart. We welcome comments. More images from these shows can often be viewed at www.mikeminehart.com.

16 IMG 0015 katieskare Seein the Scene: A weekly look at the Twin Cities music scene and beyond! (2/15/10 – 2/21/10)
Katie Skare - Joyce United Methodist Church in Minneapolis - 2/16/10

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Retribution Gospel Choir on 89.3 The Current

Author: Skelly February 18th, 2010

Here’s a hot live performance of “Working Hard” by Retribution Gospel Choir from their Current session a couple weeks back.  We’ve often wondered exactly how to define the power relations between this band’s state and this band’s record label.  For instance, is Retribution Gospel Choir Minnesota’s ambassador to Sub Pop, or is Retribution Gospel Choir Sub Pop’s ambassador to Minnesota?  At first I thought the latter – now I’m just confused.

0 Retribution Gospel Choir on 89.3 The Current


Retribution Gospel Choir – Website / Myspace

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Minor Kingdom: A Word from the Outside Looking In

Author: Skelly February 18th, 2010

MinorKingdom Minor Kingdom: A Word from the Outside Looking In

Minor Kingdom is the musical offspring of local Minneapolis artist Kristian Melom.  You may have caught Kristian recently performing live at the Electric Fetus, but he’s been making his rounds around the local circuit for months now.  We’re fans on this end, and we always hope local artists receive the recognition they deserve both in town and abroad.  But sometimes recognition abroad can be a mixed bag.  Case in point – a Minor Kingdom  interview article forwarded to us today.  You can find the article by following this link, but here’s what really perked our interest.

…the record hardly feels cramped, but open, as if dug up from his native Midwestern roots.

Which brings us to Minneapolis, hardly known for being a musical bastion, but shadowy folk acts are continually excavated from the region.  – Verbicide Magazine

Well now, someone hasn’t been doing their homework as the journalism teacher prescribed, have they?

Great interview Kristian, you’re submissions were well received.  But as for the extraneous commentary…

Minor Kingdom performs tomorrow evening at the 331 Club.  Go check it out!

“Perfect” by: Minor Kingdom

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