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Selected April Photos from TCT in the Cities

Author: Chuck May 18th, 2010

(TCT in the Cities is a monthly photographic series presented by Borang photographer Chuck Pittman.  This series is just a sample of some of the live footage captured by Pittman each month around the Twin Cities, and more photos from these and other shows can be viewed at the TCT Photography Flickr page.)

Karnivool Ian Kenny 402 x 600 Selected April Photos from TCT in the Cities

Karnivool @ The Rock Nightclub 4/12/2010

Karnivool put on a show that you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of for a second or you would miss something wild. The singer, Ian Kenny, is so different than any lead singer I have seen before. His antics on stage were hard to follow but made great photos. His Voice reminds me of a 50’s singer and it flows along perfectly with the tones of the two guitars and bass. (Chuck Pittman)

“Set Fire To The Hive” by: Karnivool

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“Home” Video – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Author: Skelly May 17th, 2010

This video goes out to my good friend Johnny, who is a big ESMZ fan.  I didn’t want you to miss this one, and I know your days don’t often afford you time to surf the latest news on your favorite bands.  This is a special treat for anyone who has a hankering for ESMZ.  As the band puts it:

The video for ‘Home’ is a collection of some of our favorite memories over the past few years. We hope it feels like Home wherever you are watching this.

I must confess I’m not not an avid follower of ESMZ, but if you recognize anything in this video as “Home-y,” let us know.  We love intrepid stories of the home-y kind!

Check ESMZ play First Avenue on June 6, or see them rock the Cabooze Plaza on August 9.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Website / Myspace

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“Bang Pop” Video – Free Energy

Author: Skelly May 17th, 2010

Do you think some of the former members of Hockey Night are hot?  Well, you might after watching this video.  A lot of questions are left roaming through my head.  For instance, just how much influence do cult Porky’s movies have on these guys?  Exactly what kinds of heaters were being dropped in that bathroom stall to make it steam like THAT!  And do young nude women in music videos still sell?

Yeah, of course they do.

All that aside, the quality of this latest video suggests Free Energy might be a band with a seriously long ranging stride.  As it goes, what a band puts into their work  is what they might expect to get in return, and a lot  was placed in this latest video.  Viva la Free Energy!


Catch Free Energy at the Grand Old Day Festival in St. Paul on June 6, or prepare for two upcoming dates at the 400 Bar on June 23 and June 24.

Oh, and for anyone who has been wondering where I disappeared to the last, oh, three months or so – school is now out.  Let the music blogging begin once again. 😉


Free Energy – Myspace

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Communist Daughter at Sauce for Lyn-Lake Festival Sunday Night

Author: Chris V. May 15th, 2010

Communist Daughter 300x264 Communist Daughter at Sauce for Lyn Lake Festival Sunday Night

Bunches of songs express the songwriter’s wish that people from his respective history—middle school bullies, ex-girlfriends, oppressive gym teachers—could just see him now, fronting a band, and scoring with the populous.

Toby Keith’s “How Do Yo Like Me Now?!” comes to mind, dimly.

But, few of the songs pack the same kind of guilty pleasure comeuppance as when Communist Daughter’s Johnny Solomon calmly reminds all from his past, “I’m not the kid you knew.”

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Owl City on tour

Author: Schwaz May 12th, 2010

The State Theater was almost completely stocked full of fans last weekend when the touring threesome, Lynhurst, Canadian-born Lights, and the headlining band, Owl City took stage. The screaming, enthusiastic teenage fans made both the photographer and myself feel a tad out of place, but the feelings of general age-related angst quickly subsided once the lights dimmed and the action began.

lynhurst Owl City on tour

First up was the talented local sibling trio, Lynhurst. Previously The Abdomen, this band has enjoyed numerous successes over the years, landing gigs at such prestigious events such as South By Southwest and the NACA Mid-Atlantic and Northern Plains conferences, and is currently on tour with the electro-pop princess Lights and Owl City, who is headlining the tour. Mari Abdo, the younger sister in the trio, is an impressive drummer and singer, and brings a wonderful feminine energy to the performance, while brothers Matt and Jake provide a melodious yet an unmistakable “rock ‘n roll” sound. A highlight of the evening was presented with a quirky version of The Cardigans “Love Fool” This band knows how to stir listeners up out of their seats and seem to genuinely play their music out of a pure love for it.

lights Owl City on tour  Next up was Lights, also known as Valerie Anne Poxleitner. This lithe, petite musician is a Juno award-winning performer and has at a young age released several EP’s and multiple singles heard nationwide. Her music style is an electronic sound not far from being reminiscent of prior female electronic acts such as Scottish performer Ladyhawke with flair of Ladytron included. Her voice with its vulnerable and airy feel, bring to mind vocal qualities of Stina Nordenstam and Heather Nova, especially in one of her hit singles, “Ice.” A definite addition to any electro-pop fan’s iTunes library.
owlcity Owl City on tour  Last, but definitely not least, was headliner band Owl City. A local Minnesotan, it is rumored that chronic insomnia essentially led to the beginning of this talented writer and performers work. Whether that is true or not, this young musician has experienced tremendous success in the short time span he has been active. With the enormous popularity of his single “Fireflies”, and Young recently signing with the Universal Republic production label, this artist’s popularity continues to rise. Categorized as belonging to synthpop, Young’s musical range and attire seem appropriate within the European Mod category as well, with vocals in a similar vein to Peter, Björn and John as well as The Postal Service. His performance at the State Theater was no exception, amplified with all his band members wearing British style Mod outfits. Young played multiple instruments throughout the show, and demonstrated an introspectively theatrical dance style. Everything Young expresses seems to come from a deeply personal and complex place, and is thereby performed in such a way. An intimate performance beset on a foundation of massive popularity. If Owl City doesn’t appear on the next Twilight Saga film soundtrack, than I don’t know what will.

Owl City Tour Dates

May 9 2010 8:00 Bush Empire London, GB
May 11 2010 8:00 Elysee Montmarte Paris, FR
May 12 2010 8:00 E-Werk Cologne, DE
Aug 18 2010 7:00 Cricket Pavilion Phoenix, AZ U.S.A.
Aug 20 2010 7:30 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View, CA U.S.A.
Aug 21 2010 7:30 Sleep Train Amphitheatre Wheatland, CA U.S.A
Aug 22 2010 6:30 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Aug 24 2010 7:00 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Irvine, CA U.S.A.
Aug 25 2010 7:00 Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre Chula Vista, U.S.A.
Aug 31 2010 7:00 USANA Amphitheatre Salt Lake City, UT, U.S.A.
Sep 1 2010 7:30 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison, CO U.S.A.
Sep 4 2010 7:30 Superpages.com Center Dallas, TX U.S.A.
Sep 5 2010 7:00 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, TX U.S.A.
Sep 6 2010 7:00 Amphitheatre at The Wharf Orange Beach, AL U.S.A.
Sep 8 2010 7:00 Aarons Amphitheatre at Lakewood Atlanta, GA U.S.A.
Sep 10 2010 7:00 Ford Amphitheatre Tampa, FL U.S.A.
Sep 11 2010 7:00 Cruzan Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL U.S.A.

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The 757’s Release the Last Laugh

Author: Skelly May 5th, 2010

757band 450 x 231 The 757s Release the Last Laugh

“I love rock-n-roll. I think it’s an exciting art form. It’s revolutionary. Still revolutionary and it changed people. It changed their hearts. But yeah, even rock-n-roll has a lot of rubbish, really bad music.”

True enough Mr. Nick Cave, yet once in awhile isn’t it refreshing to find a bit of gold tinfoil among the rubbish?  It’s these precious and new-found artifacts that remind me why I fell in love with The Beatles, Billy Joel, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, KISS, Neil Young, and so many more.  Just the other day I was having a conversation with a friend  who was complaining about the annoying number of part-time musicians in the Twin Cities who create a lot of clutter (or rubbish?) for all the full-time musicians to wade through.  It’s hard for any object to stand out in a pile of rubbish, but if the music is shiny enough, just maybe it’ll be plucked and taken home.

the 757s cover 300dpi 200 x 200 The 757s Release the Last LaughTake, for example, The 757’s new album Last Laugh.  I’ve been listening to The 757’s for some time now.  I like their straight up and no nonsense approach to rock and roll – guitar heavy, drum heavy, and not too lyrically cumbersome!  While I consider myself a fan of the lyrically esoteric Thom Yorke, most of the time I want what The 757’s hit me with.  “There’s no truth like the whole truth, there’s no news (and) the last laugh is on me and you.”  Simple, but something you can easily take to the memory bank!

I’m such a sucker for the hooks, and hooks will be had on this record.  That’s the beauty of Last LaughThe 757’s have here established a new pop foundation, dealing us the bare-knuckle rock and roll at each opening note, but following it up with sweet melodies less apparent on 2009’s Freeway Surrender.  A sort of “put ‘er there, pal” as the band hoists you from the ground.  They clearly want us to know and feel this from the opening tune “Sarah Saw It Coming” and onward.

Speaking of, here is “Sarah Saw It Coming” just for you, and hey 89.3 The Current, how about some love for this song?  We want it!

“Sarah Saw It Coming” by: The 757’s

Last Laugh went on sale yesterday.  Pick up your gold tinfoil HERE, or even better, swing into the CD Release show this Friday night at Sauce!  Music starts at 8PM, and The 757’s will be supported by Porcupine and Con Queso.  I expect copies of Last Laugh will be on hand. 😉


The 757’sWebsite / Myspace / Facebook

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