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Tonight: The Melismatics Single + Video Release and more!

Author: Mike July 26th, 2010

melismatics tron Tonight: The Melismatics Single + Video Release and more!

Didn’t that photo just catch your eye? If so, you should head over to the Kitty Cat Klub tonight to witness what I’d consider one the most highly anticipated single + video releases of the summer. The Melismatics are premiering the Tron-themed video for their hot new single “Your Love is a Poison”. The band has been leaking still shots all weekend from their newest music video, which was actually shot by a group of students at MCAD as a class project. (Color me Tron-neon jealous.)

And if you’re wondering why this is happening on a Monday, it’s because the event is also part of this weekend’s Minne-Motor Festival that we wrote about a while back. Detroit’s The Hounds Below (featuring Jason Stollsteimer, also frontman for The Von Bondies) join locals Strangelights and Hastings 3000 in supporting the bill, and the girls from Minne-Motor Festival linchpins Pink Mink will also guest DJ between sets as well.

This show is definitely loaded with musical and visual goodness, but here’s one last tidbit for you. Check out this brilliant flyer for the show (and click it to RSVP on Facebook as well) and see if you can figure out all the pun-tastic goodness for yourself! (The answers are below.)

kck flyer Tonight: The Melismatics Single + Video Release and more!

Scooby Doo crew = The Melismatics
Scooby Doo himself = The Hounds Below
“The Man from Mars” Robot (blue) = Strangelights
“The Creeper” = Hastings 3000
Pink Mink = Pink Mink


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Koo Koo Kanga Roo Releases Album Saturday at 7th Street Entry

Author: Chris V. July 23rd, 2010

koo1 192x300 Koo Koo Kanga Roo Releases Album Saturday at 7th Street EntryKoo Koo Kanga Roo once spent the night in my basement apartment. Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t play laser tag, overdose on orange soda, or assemble the couch cushions into a fort.

When I found them downstairs after returning from class one night, they were soberly composing songs—headphones on, a keyboard within striking distance, analyzing a synthesizer riff. The costumes were on hangers, the gold-emblazoned tennis shoes and choreographed dance steps were tucked away in knapsacks.

Take a tour of their comic-book website, hit up one of their shows (occasionally accompanied by a cake-eating contest), or listen to one of their songs about playing lava tag or saying their favorite alphabet letters, and you may get a different idea about the daffy rap duo’s diligence. For starters, the disclaimer that the band is “Beastie Boys Meets Raffi” may in fact be shooting a little highbrow: I would wager they’re more that guy who wrote the music to the Crossfire commercial guest-DJing for The Wiggles.

But here’s the catch: without you knowing it, Koo Koo Kanga Roo is amassing a quiet, all-ages empire.

Read more…

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“Wind Cries Mary” Benefit Show

Author: Skelly July 22nd, 2010

A little bird just tweeted in our ear news of a hot benefit show going down at Lee’s Liquor Lounge this Saturday nightWind Cries Mary is being held in honor of Mary Michaels, a local punk and art scene mainstay whose battle with breast cancer came to an end only one year ago.  Mary has been sorely missed, and this show will raise much needed funds for two charities that her friends know she would have avidly supported: Abbott Northwestern’s Breast Cancer Treatment Center (Piper) and animal rescue organization Pet Haven Inc.

Benefit attendees can expect to witness and hear the likes of Red Flags, You and Whose Army, Middle States, Al Grande Trio, and Mary’s own band The Harpies (featuring a selection of vocal artists standing in for Mary).  Music starts at 9PM and a suggested donation of $6-$10 will be accepted at the door.

With a lineup of bands and causes like this, rocking out never felt so good!  Be there!

Flier 400 x 502 Wind Cries Mary Benefit Show

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Beatles Music at The Fine Line

Author: Skelly July 21st, 2010

Here’s news!  We were tipped off to a Beatles tribute show happening this Friday night at The Fine Line Music Cafe featuring two bands that have in the past received the big Borang opposeable thumb up: The Arms Akimbo and Citizen Sage.  They’ll also be joined by Hunting Club.  So stop on in and here a mix of original local music and favorite tracks performed off your favorite Beatles records.  Show is 18+, begins at 8PM, and is $5 for 21+ or $8 for those ages 18-20.  Now, crank a couple tunes below. 😉

No, Love – Citizen Sage

You Want To – The Arms Akimbo

citizensagefinal 400 x 618 Beatles Music at The Fine Line

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Wolf Parade at First Avenue 7/18/2010

Author: Skelly July 20th, 2010

Wolf Parade 450 x 338 Wolf Parade at First Avenue 7/18/2010

Several hundred people filed into First Avenue nightclub on Sunday night to see Wolf Parade, one of the greatest bands of the 2000’s that posterity may unwittingly all but forget.  Call it the curse of “indie,” – on top of the world at once, and then not even considered part of it the next.  Yet Wolf Parade is no ordinary indie band, and in fact, in a different time and in a different place I believe they could have commanded a true movement in pop culture, if only through their music and not their words.

Wolf Parade might have been the best band in the world Sunday night.  Lead singer and keys player Spencer Krug assumed front and center on First Avenue’s stage, wavy curly hair shading all but his face as he crouched over his keyboard, teetering one foot on his throne and effortlessly hammering out tunes that his fingers had walked countless times before.  Co-singer and guitarist Dan Boeckner donned his skinny jeans and tight brown boots like a true indie rocker, his eyes and visage oozing the attitude and culture of New York’s Lower East Side (is there a Montreal equivalent?).  The man couldn’t miss a beat, and he worked stage left as Wolf Parade’s seasoned bit of live grit while guitarist/keys player Dante DeCaro assumed a more reserved posturing opposite Boeckner.  Wolf Parade’s drummer Arlen Thompson was fluid in his play, and when the band sometimes sped up beyond what a song usually dictated, I wondered if just maybe it was deliberate – an effort to challenge the man whose sticks seemed to play by themselves.

Wolf Parade2 250 x 188 Wolf Parade at First Avenue 7/18/2010I could go on and on about how awesome Wolf Parade is and was, but these guys are one of the great young bands of the Millenium, and a point comes where a band is expected to be that good, and at that point, is it really necessary to describe what so many already know to be true?  Yet here is the conundrum:  how could a band like Wolf Parade, a band that sold well over 100,000 copies of their debut album Apologies to the Queen Mary (no small number for an indie band, mind you), only attract 400 – 500 people (by my estimate) to one of their shows in a metropolitan area of 3.2 million people?  Seemed light to me – as did the energy level of the crowd.  Yet this is what I have come to expect, and what many have probably come to expect of indie concerts.  Strong songs and strong musicianship combined with artists that are too cool to really engage their crowd, and an audience that is near catatonic.  I think the key is this – Wolf Parade played to their crowd as opposed to for them, a very fine but important distinction.

Nothing will change my mind about Wolf Parade being one of the greatest new bands of the last decade, but unless indie artists begin changing the way they engage their crowds, flavor of the week will continue to be the curse of indie.  I realize I’m not the first to lament this predicament (and I won’t be the last either), but unless we keep talking about it the concerts might soon dwindle away and the music along with it.  I don’t want that to happen.

Wolf Parade played a variety of songs off their previous two albums (Apologies to the Queen Mary and At Mount Zoomer) and their latest Expo 86.  Yet the band didn’t play my personal favorite, and so here it is for some small fulfillment.  Don’t be strangers for too long Wolf Parade, the Twin Cities would jump for you if you only asked!

Grounds For Divorce – Wolf Parade


Wolf ParadeWebsite / Myspace

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The Goondas on City of Music

Author: Skelly July 19th, 2010

Producer/Director Dan Huiting is certainly putting together a very nice series of music chronicling unconventional performances by some of the Twin Cities best and brightest.  This week MPLS.TV has posted a performance by the antic ridden rockers The Goondas.  Sweet stuff!  Thanks to all involved, we can’t wait to see what’s next!


The Goondas – Myspace

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