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“Hey Lover” mp3 – Roma di Luna

Author: Skelly August 31st, 2010

Then the Morning Came Hey Lover mp3   Roma di LunaThere is one prevailing occurrence that informs a music blogger that s/he is doing something right – a bulging email in-box.  In reality though, anyone who has ever had a job where the primary communication touchpoint is email knows what this is like.  Tens of emails come in every day, some you answer promptly, others get trashed, and then still others yet get a mental note taken and a solemn promise of return.  The only problem is that sometimes that promised return gets, well, forgotten, and then you feel like a dink because you’ve breached an unspoken, albeit solely kept, social contract.

Such is the case with Roma di Luna‘s “Hey Lover,” a song passed along a few weeks back that received a solemn promise, was forgotten, but is now made good.  The truth is it was made great!  Listen for yourself.  I’ve had Roma di Luna on my radar for some time now, but have never been nudged strongly enough to begin delving into their work.  Now’s the time, for me as well as you.

Check out Roma di Luna at the Minnesota State Fair on September 5 or 6 on the Heritage Square Stage at 6PM.  They’ll be hosting a CD Release for their forthcoming album Then the Morning Came at First Avenue on October 2.

Hey Lover – Roma di Luna


Roma di Luna – Website / Myspace

posted August 31st, 2010 at 5:00 pm MN Rock

The 4onthefloor on City of Music

Author: Skelly August 31st, 2010

We last name dropped The 4onthefloor back in July as they were preparing to play Rock the Vine, and since that time they’ve been hard at kicking bass drums and playing shows close to home here in MN and in IA.  Their latest and probably most unique live performance took place on a roof top in somewhere Minneapolis.  Guess who shot the footage?


The 4onthefloor – Website / Myspace

MPLS.TV – Website

posted August 31st, 2010 at 10:37 am MN Rock, Video ,

MILITARY SPECIAL, WAXX MAXX, CLAPS and MERIDENE are playing on Sat. August 28th.

Author: Nika August 27th, 2010

aug28 flyer 290x1024 MILITARY SPECIAL, WAXX MAXX, CLAPS and MERIDENE are playing on Sat. August 28th. So it’s Saturday, you’ve gone to the fair and eaten your fill of stuff on a stick, now what???  Well….if you are not ready to call it a night, you have some energy to burn, love music, and you like a challenge, make your way to the West Bank for an after hours show at MXXXXA.

MILITARY SPECIAL, WAXX MAXX, CLAPS and MERIDENE are playing a show you will not want to miss this Saturday, the 28th!  Grab your smart phone, slam an energy drink, get ready to find the treasure at the end of the tunnel.

The prize at the end of this treasure hunt features MILITARY SPECIAL, who mark their first show in over three months—don’t call it a comeback!

WAXX MAXX is Mark Mallman’s brand new project with Nicole Godiva and Alyssa Brenny.
CLAPS released their minimalist, dark wave EP “No Party” last month on Guilt Ridden Pop.

MERIDENE recorded their new album “Something Like Blood” at Bon Iver’s April Base Studio

Now you have the Who, What, and When, but you’re probably wondering WHERE it’s happening.

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posted August 27th, 2010 at 11:38 am Concert Announcements

Lady Gaga, Lolly Pop, and Fashion Piracy

Author: Skelly August 26th, 2010

00Gaga2010 Lady Gaga, Lolly Pop, and Fashion Piracy

Did you know Semi Precious Weapons are coming to Xcel Energy Center on August 30 & 31?  Did you know Lady Gaga will be with them?  Yeah, you probably did.  It was nice of those guys to let her hitch a ride on tour with them.  They’re a great band, and did you know Semi Precious Weapons had an inspirational role in the creation of Borangutan back in 2008 when they played a Tuesday evening show at the 7th Street Entry?  No kidding.  They’re just one of a few connections I have to Lady Gaga – not personal connections, mind you, but experiential ones.

With Lady Gaga coming to town next week it seems like a good time to lay bare another experiential connection I have to the Fame Monster.  That connection is local POP INC artist Brooke Aldridge who I’ve been acquainted with for many years and who possesses distinct Gaga connections of her own.  What does Brooke Aldridge have to do with Lady Gaga?  The truth is – not much, but there is one important sticking point that makes her connection to Lady Gaga tragically unoriginal.  Brooke Aldridge (aka. Lolly Pop) is one of the many beneficiaries of Lady Gaga’s fashion piracy.

Glamorous Life – Lolly Pop

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Me And My Arrow on City of Music

Author: Skelly August 26th, 2010

This week’s City of Music segment from MPLS.TV features local rockers Me And My Arrow jamming out while surrounded by art adorned brick walls.  Not my favorite scene to date, but the song and performance are well worth pressing play for.  Catch these guys at the Kitty Cat Klub tomorrow night!


Me And My Arrow – Myspace

posted August 26th, 2010 at 12:55 am MN Rock, Video ,

Dearling Physique and “Discipline Your Hands”

Author: Skelly August 24th, 2010

Dearling Physique Dearling Physique and Discipline Your Hands

Check this out!  Minneapolis’ Dearling Physique has just released a new tune off their forthcoming record due out in January.  The song is titled “Discipline Your Hands,” and we’ve been informed that you can get your hands on a copy of it today for the low, low price of a tweet or Facebook plug.  Have a listen below and visit the following link to knab yours.


Dearling Physique - Discipline Your Hands

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