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Swallows Wrote Some Songs For Strippers

Author: Skelly August 20th, 2010

songs for strippers Swallows Wrote Some Songs For Strippers

Songs For Strippers; you read me right!  This is probably also the first time you’ve read about this despite the album’s release in 2008.  Whenever I receive a new record I always assume its newness in more ways than one.  This makes sense since bands, artists, and labels typically don’t bother pimping out old material.  Yet as I so often tell artist friends of mine – “just because it’s flippin old to you doesn’t mean it’s not brand new to anyone (everyone?) else.”

Here we have such a case.  Who is/are Swallows?  Had I not visited a couple of their haunts online I might never have been made aware of Songs for Strippers‘ release two years ago.  In fact, a little googlebot indicated that this local band stood altogether unrewarded and unnoticed by local outlets when Songs for Strippers dropped.  Hmm… that’s puzzling, considering this record is one of the best beginning-to-end creative efforts I’ve heard out of a local outfit in the last couple years.  Did no one care?  Was there no promotion?  From out of nowhere – where did these guys come from!?

Now are the days of singles and five songs, where music might often be written as much for people’s attention spans as for their tastes.  So perhaps now more than ever is the time to revisit some memories.  Once upon a time singles reminded me of kisses, and albums reminded me of plans (alright, who caught that one?).  The name Swallows might disincline your thinking of kisses (for obvious reasons), but Songs for Strippers should certainly incline you to make plans for swinging into the Fine Line Music Cafe Saturday night.

Rumor has it these guys are working hard in the studio on the follow-up to Songs for Strippers.  Hot stuff, now swallow this!

The Craven King – Swallows

I Won’t Let You Down – Swallows

Who: Swallows
What: Live Show
When: Saturday, August 21 @9PM
Where: Fine Line Music Cafe


Swallows – Website / Myspace / Buy the Record

posted August 20th, 2010 at 1:51 am MN Rock, Reviews

“You Left Me Here” Video – BNLX

Author: Skelly August 17th, 2010

The venue formerly known as Sauce (now Cause) and what is presumably Bobby & Steve’s Autoworld.  That’s all it takes for BNLX to rock in their video for “You Left Me Here.”

0 You Left Me Here Video   BNLX


BNLX – Website / Myspace

posted August 17th, 2010 at 10:12 pm MN Rock, Video

Space Land and Time

Author: Skelly August 17th, 2010

space land and time cover1 Space Land and Time

Space Land and Time – those things we cross every day of our lives, and outside of an incidental episodic melt down, never seem to pay much attention to.  You know what I mean, a mid-life crisis, a drive to nowhere, the throes of shock.  Such unpleasant things, but without them we always seem to just take space land and time for granted!

Several days ago I was driving around the Twin Cities making errands here and there.  Suddenly it hit me as a moment – my world had grown so much bigger.  I was driving near Larpenteur Avenue in Roseville, and I recalled being 17 and getting lost trying to find a party near Hamline.  I’m now aware of so much more space, have crossed so much land, and where had my time gone?  Nowadays I can drive just about anywhere in Minnesota without getting lost, and often without directions.

As I drove by Gibbs Farm I listened to some Space Land and Time.  The Big Star sounding “Playing With Disease,” the folky Midwestern “On Parole,” and the eastern sounding but puzzlingly named “Wade Boggs.”  Space Land and Time are a band after my classic rock heart, and during a year that has experienced the passing of one of rock’s most underappreciated legends (here’s looking at you Alex Chilton), this new album is comfort food.

Some might think Minneapolis’ Space Land and Time are classic rock anachronists hellbent on attaining some sort of cosmic nostalgia (hence, their name).  I just say they have strong memories of the good ole days when rock needed no parsing.

Pick up a copy of Space Land and Time.  You might just have a moment too! 😉

Playing With Disease – Space Land and Time

P.S. I used to own 14 Wade Boggs baseball cards as a kid.


Space Land and Time – Myspace / Buy the Album /

posted August 17th, 2010 at 2:39 pm MN Rock, Reviews

Rogue Valley on City of Music

Author: Skelly August 15th, 2010

Phew!  Last week hardly afforded me a breath, and hence, many things that should have been brought to your attention fell to the wayside here on Borang.  Expect the next two weeks to be catch-up time!

Last Monday MPLS.TV released their latest segment to the City of Music series – a live performance by locals Rogue Valley.  Dig it!


Rogue Valley – Myspace

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Synthetic Dance Music Volume 2 – Ninthwave Records

Author: Mary Scott August 15th, 2010

SDMVOL2 Synthetic Dance Music Volume 2   Ninthwave RecordsDisclaimer: anything I can or will say may be used against me in a court of law as I have a secret penchant for Synth Pop. I blame this largely on Information Society, the local act that went BANG! back when with “I Want To Know (What You’re Thinking)”. A Christmas 1990 gift, I had their album on cassette and listened to it so many times the tape snapped. Twenty years later, I couldn’t think of a better time to rediscover the genre, which has been given a helping hand by La Roux, who’s been working with one of the acts on the compilation. There are 25 songs in all and I wasn’t bored for a second (but please re-read
above disclaimer). Here’s why:

Local Electropunks POP INC kick it off with “Looking 4 The KLF”, given a “chill trance” treatment by German remix team Symphono. I’m pretty positive Bill Drummond and The KLF would approve. Next up is an Erasure-inspired number called “Sisters Of The Brotherhood” (by Sheffield, U.K.’s Chris Jay). The lyrics are puzzling, but infinitely catchy. Canadians Melody and Mezzo come in third with a Hi-NRG mix of “I Wanna Be Your Star”. Finding it familiar, a trip to Google turned up a version of the song on Dance Dance Revolution, which I had a wee bit too much fun playing at Convergence 2008. Yeah, I’m a geek.

Looking for the KLF by POP INC – Pure Trance Mix by Symphono by sdm2

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A Farewell to Minneapolis Interview with Ari Herstand: Part 6

Author: Mike August 12th, 2010

ari varsity1 A Farewell to Minneapolis Interview with Ari Herstand: Part 6

Editor’s Note: The only thing really left to hear about from Ari Herstand at this point is what’s going to happen tonight at The Varsity Theater. In the sixth and final part of Ari’s farewell interview series, he tells us what to expect from what will surely be another night worth remembering for a long time. Read part 5 here.

Mike: So we’ve got the farewell show coming, August 12th, The Varsity Theater. You’ve got a killer lineup; literally a lot of my favorite local bands who are also a lot of your favorite local bands are playing this. Can you tell me what to expect?

Ari: Going into this show, I knew that it wasn’t going to be a proper farewell to Minneapolis without The Varsity Theater—where it all started and where it’s all been for me over the last 5 years—and all my favorite bands on the bill and all my friends bands; who are my favorite bands. That’s what it came down to.

readygoes A Farewell to Minneapolis Interview with Ari Herstand: Part 6

ReadyGoes hasn’t been around as long as the other bands, but they’ve definitely found their place in the Minneapolis music community and they’re a phenomenal band. They also put on an incredible live show. Getting them, Roster McCabe, White Light Riot, The Alarmists; those were the first bands I locked in. These are my closest friends and these are some of my favorite bands, let’s lock them in and they all agreed.

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posted August 12th, 2010 at 12:30 pm Interviews, MN Rock