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3 Shows 2 See 2-Night

Author: Skelly September 18th, 2010

Pardon the numero inserto in the title, but it’s going to be Saturday night, and that makes it alright.  Speaking of, have you decided where you’re sneaking off to this evening?  If not, here are a few live show options to accompany your favorite local brew or blend.

John Snell X @ the 501 Club

John Snell  3 Shows 2 See 2 NightLocal psychedelic artist John Snell X will be performing a big chunk of his new double-disk record Peculiar Songs for a Particular Audience at the 501 tonight.  For those of you not acquainted with Mr. Snell, he’s a quirky live performer with a penchant for penning songs about love and politics.  Think a mix of Beatles, Paul Simon, and the Violent Femmes and you’re on to something.  Show starts at 9PM, 21+, $5 cover.

“I Could Write 20 Songs A Night” – John Snell X

The Johnson Twins @ The Dakota Jazz Club

Johnson Twins 3 Shows 2 See 2 NightThe Johnson Twins are twin brothers Patrick and Sam Johnson.  Their music is an interesting mix of jazz and folk with a little indie cherry on top.  The quintessential flavor of the band is focused on the conspicuous absence of any guitars.  Instead, the fiddle, banjo, and accordion stand in – but don’t you go thinking that this is somehow gramma and gramps band.  The Johnson Twins reinvent these instruments for the now generation.  Music begins at 11:30PM, 21+, $5 cover.
02 If Insane

Lost Shepherds & Minor Kingdom @ the 331 Club

Minor Kingdom 3 Shows 2 See 2 NightLocal alternative folk will be alive and well at the 331 tonight featuring the release of Lost Shepherds new self-titled record.  Lost Shepherds are the ideal listening experience on a cool atmospheric fall evening, and isn’t that in the forecast tonight?  Interesting tidbit of info: Lost Shepherds new record was mastered by Ed Brooks who also mastered the Fleet Foxes.  Joining Lost Shepherds on the bill will be Grain Belt Records artist Kristian Melom  and his outfit Minor Kingdom.  If you’re in for something a little more smooth and laid back tonight, then Lost Shepherds, Minor Kingdom and an apple martini might be the direction to take.  Music starts at 9:30PM, 21+, No Cover.

“Unwanted” – Lost Shepherds

“Perfect” – Minor Kingdom

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“Lazy Bones” Video – Jeremy Messersmith

Author: Skelly September 10th, 2010

Too funny!  Earlier this week the Gimme Noise blog posted a new video from Jeremy Messersmith chronicling some of his most absurdly somnolent moments from his tour this past summer.  Well, alright, perhaps he doesn’t look too sleepy in this footage, but there is a bed involved.  (In fact, a lot of them!)

If there was ever any question as to whether a person could make a worthwhile music video using a simple camera phone – question answered.  It can be done, and the music video is for “Lazy Bones.”

0 Lazy Bones Video   Jeremy Messersmith

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Roma di Luna on City of Music

Author: Skelly September 10th, 2010

Last week we tossed a new tune by Roma di Luna at you named “Hey Lover.”  If you didn’t catch it, go take a listen to “Hey Lover.”

This week Roma di Luna coincidentally showed up on MPLS.TV‘s City of Music.  Maybe it’s the song they performed, or maybe it’s Channy Moon Caselle’s voice, but somehow this installment of City of Music seems to be the most pleasantly sentimental yet.  The song performed is “Starling,” with nothing fancy in the surroundings – just the atmosphere.

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Syd’s List Presents Rockin the Sunset

Author: Skelly September 7th, 2010

236x359 Boat Party Syds List Presents Rockin the SunsetYou wouldn’t know it by the weather we’ve been experiencing the last few days, but summer hasn’t entirely escaped us yet, and there are still a handful of events left in 2010 that focus on the warmer side of Minnesota.  Like Rockin’ the Sunset, happening this Sunday on Lake Minnetonka aboard the iconic Queen of Excelsior.  Rockin’ the Sunset is a five hour event (2 on land, 3 on water) beginning at 2PM at Bayview Event Center.  Attendees will be treated to the music of local bands Alpha Consumer and Mystery Palace, all while exploring the lacustrine cubby holes of Lake Minnetonka.  Advanced tickets are $11 and can be purchased via Syd’s List.  Rocking the Sunset is being jointly hosted by Syd’s List and ThermoDynamo.

Too Much – Mystery Palace

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“Phenomena” Video – Waxx Maxx

Author: Skelly September 7th, 2010

Where on earth did this come from!?  About a week ago we mentioned a quiet show being held by Military Special in Minneapolis, and on the shortlist of bands slated to play was one Waxx Maxx.  Minneapolis, the Land of 10,000 bands (probably more), most of whom never even accomplish a crack in the peripheral of public consciousness.  Oh, but Waxx Maxx just might…

Waxx Maxx is the brainchild of local music virtuoso Mark Mallman and vocalist Nicole Godiva.  Nicole’s sister provides the beats.  Rumor says they’ll be releasing one new track a month from here on out via their website, Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter.  To infinity and beyond!  I wonder how many videos we’ll get?

0 Phenomena Video   Waxx Maxx

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