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About Us – Borangutan

About Us

   Author: adminAugust 26th, 2010

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What is Borangutan
Borangutan is about the promotion of rock n’ roll music and culture in Minnesota… not orangutans.

What are people saying about Borangutan?

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Contact Information
P.O. Box 4520
St. Paul, MN 55104

The Team

l ec09db68a39f236d84f5b0e93267eb47 About Us

Skelly (Editor-in-Chief / Daily Blabber Hog)

Skelly received a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Anthropology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and a master’s degree in Anthropology from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Having accepted his status as a lifelong student and academic, he is now getting yet another degree in marketing. He experiences ulcers from school.

Skelly’s Links

Email - skelly[at]borangutan[dot]com

Twitter, CC Marketing Blog, MTG Codex, Minnesota Field Notes

borangutan headshot 200x300 About Us

Schwaz (Editor / Writer / Noisemaker)

Originally from Sweden, Schwaz worked as a performer for a number of years, before realizing (like so many others) that it wasn’t the most profitable industry to be involved in, and upon receiving her B.A. in English via the University of Minnesota and Umeå University, she currently resides in Saint Paul as a proofreader and freelance copywriter. With her background in theater and Jazz, Schwaz is a self-proclaimed fan of indie music, and an acting editor for Borangutan.

Schwaz’s Links

Email – schwaz[at]borangutan[dot]com

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter

nikapic About UsNika (Promotions / Writer)

After experiencing the highs (pursuit of undergrad philosophical knowledge) and lows (realizing that no one cares what you think in the real world nor will they give you a penny for your thoughts) in the fascinating study of Philosophy at our own UST, Nika decided to follow Skelly through the rabbit hole of the internet. Armed with a background in marketing and promotions as well as a deep love of music she stands prepared in helping Skelly’s ulcer along. (BTW, is it a form of outsourcing when Skelly has employed a Swede [Schwaz] and a Pole [me]?)

Nika’s Links

Email – nika[at]borangutan[dot]com

Myspace, Facebook

l 1bc87db90f2d4ef28aa15e273ff14e29 200x300 About Us

Chuck (Photographer)

Chuck operates Corrupted Photography and Art Exhilarated in Minnesota and does photography for Borangutan as well. He met Skelly at a show and the rest is history. He has been shooting professionally since Nov of ’08. If you like any of his photos on Borangutan or elsewhere, contact him directly about using them for your next project. Prices may vary, but courtesy won’t!

Chuck’s Links

Email – chuck[at]borangutan[dot]com

Myspace, Flickr – TCT Photography, Twitter, Facebook

mikeminehart About UsMike (Editor / Photographer)

Mike discovered the local Twin Cities music scene in 2005 while attending the University of Minnesota and hasn’t looked back since. He shoots nearly every show he goes to (over 200-250 a year) and even won first place in a photography contest that earned him a free VIP trip to shoot at Lollapalooza 2008. Mike lives for rock and roll, so if you’re at a great local rock show in town, chances are you might find him there capturing the show too.

Mike’s Links

Email – mike[at]borangutan[dot]com

Website, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter

maryscott1 About Us

Mary Scott (Writer / Record Connoisseur)

Mary Scott believes in the power of Music, Freedom of Expression, Diablo Cody, L’Oreal, M.I.A., Snakes On A Plane and Borangutan. She does not respond well to poorly edited Indie Rock Videos, Lady Ga Ga or Corporate Papers posing as Privately Owned Publications. In the same way that 40 is the new 30, Miss Scott predicts the Blog-o-sphere is the new Black and that AC/DC will make a comeback in 2010. Send her a L’oreal Colour Riche lipstick in British Red to ensure that your release is reviewed post-haste.

Mary Scott’s Links

Email - maryscott[at]borangutan[dot]com

Mary Scott has no other links. She transcends the utility of the world wide web.

Vondracek Borangutan profile 188 x 250 About UsChris (Writer)

Chris finished his M.A. in Literature from the University of South Dakota with a nonfiction novel on his relationship between Lawrence Welk and High Plains indie rock. He teaches English at local community colleges, where he assigns writing prompts such as: “In 500 words or more, explain why Rush felt it necessary to let Neil Peart write lyrics.

Chris’ Links

Email – chris[at]borangutan[dot]com

Myspace, Facebook

crystal01 199x300 About Us

Cizzy (Writer)

Cizzy obtained her bachelor’s degree in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and her Master of Arts Degree in Adlerian Counseling & Psychotherapy at Adler Graduate School. She is on the home stretch in becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist. She works to heal the ulcers. She writes in the realm of music for the love of it!

Cizzy’s Links

Email – cizzy[at]borangutan[dot]com

Myspace, Facebook

Join the Borangutan Team
Are you an aspiring writer with an interest in new albums and live concerts? Would you like to explore new and innovative ways of approaching the way music is presented to people through written language? Got a flare for promotions or marketing? If any or all of these, why not take a stab at being a Borangutan writer or a member of our street team? We are only as good as the sum of our parts, and so the more good parts we have the larger our sum may be!

Send a letter of intent along with a piece of writing you have completed (a news article, a short story, academic paper, etc.) to skelly[at]borangutan[dot]com. We look forward to reviewing your materials.

Submitting Promotional Materials to Borangutan
If you are a band or music label and would like to send a promotional package to Borangutan for consideration, please send it to the address below. Each package must contain the following:

  1. Cover letter / Letter of intent
  2. A digital recording of the music on a standard CD or USB jump drive (tapes and other formats will not be accepted)
  3. A photo of the artist, band, or group
  4. A short bio / history of the artist, band, or group (please include discography and notable achievements within the bio if applicable)
  5. Sheet containing contact information for the artist, band, or group. This sheet may also include the name and contact information of the artist, band, or group’s management company, label, and/or endorsement affiliations (if applicable).
  6. A flyer for an upcoming show within Minnesota (if applicable)

Coverage priority is given to musical acts from within Minnesota or that have an upcoming show within Minnesota. While we make every effort to review all submitted materials, we are few among the many. Submitting materials does not guarantee coverage on borangutan.com.

Promotional material may be sent to:

ATTN: Promotions
P.O. Box 4520
St. Paul, MN 55104

Advertising on borangutan.com
Borangutan provides advertising services for individuals and businesses. We offer three kinds of advertising slots:

  1. A rotating 728×90 pixel leaderboard banner (maximum 20 advertisers)
  2. A rotating 125×125 pixel box (2×6 sidebar organization, maximum 36 advertisers)
  3. Non-rotating sidebar skyscrapers or box ads (limited availability, space dependent)

Our rotating advertising slots evenly distribute ad time between all advertisers and recycle with every page change or page refresh. For information on advertising with Borangutan, including prices, mode of operation, or general inquiries, contact skelly[at]borangutan[dot]com. We hope to fulfill your advertising needs.

Copyright Disputes
Borangutan supports musical artists and their rights to their original works of authorship. If you are an artist, label, or affiliated party with an original work posted on borangutan.com, and you feel this material has been posted without prior authorization and hence infringes upon your property rights, please contact skelly[at]borangutan[dot]com. The disputed material will be removed promptly upon verification of the disputant’s identity and their right to the material in question.

Terms and Conditions

Whether you live within the United States of America or outside of its borders, Borangutan supports your right to freedom of speech as it is granted by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. However, in the same manner that one can not waltz onto an airplane in the United States and cry “I have a bomb!”, likewise one can not write or partake in certain activities on borangutan.com. By using the services granted on borangutan.com, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. You will not partake in any activities that include the use of language to intimidate, harass, abuse or defame any person. This includes but is not limited to the use of libel, excessive vulgarity, obscenity, sexual explicitness, and/or deceptiveness to exploit or cause harm to another individual.
  2. You will honestly represent yourself at all times and never partake in any attempt to impersonate another whether they be a Borangutan writer, borangutan.com reader, dead president of the United States, etc.
  3. You will not upload, post, or place links to any material that may be accurately and/or objectively described by the words used in term and condition number one. You will also not upload, post, or place links to any material that is protected by copyright law. Finally, you will not upload, post, or place links to any virus or similarly harmful computer software.
  4. You will not use this site for advertising, spam, excessive gratuitous self-promotion, or similar solicitations. Damnit, we reserve the sole right to those activities! You are encouraged to write about or cite your website or band / artist name within posts when relevant to conversation.
  5. Any breech of the above terms and conditions will result in the deletion of the offending post(s). If applicable, you may also be censored within the Borangutan forums. Should your trespass be particularly criminal, legal action will be taken, and Borangutan reserves the right to turn over any incriminating evidence to legal authorities. In short, please do not break the law.

    The concert calendar is offered as a service to you, but you acknowledge that Borangutan and its writers are not responsible for any misinformation that may appear on the calendar. While we try to maintain its accuracy, we are not always notified of concert changes, cancellations, or other happenings beyond our control. We are not responsible for any unfortunate circumstances that result from misinformation on our calendar. Always check with your local venue ahead of time to confirm concert information.

    Lastly, you acknowledge that Borangutan and its writers are not responsible for the materials that you or other users post on borangutan.com. Borangutan does reserve the right to delete any content at any time and for any reason, regardless of whether it is posted by a Borangutan writer or a user. Should you view any content that is in breech of the above terms and conditions while you are visiting Borangutan, we kindly ask you to report it promptly to skelly[at]borangutan[dot]com.

    The End.

    P.S. You acknowledge that by reading these terms and conditions you fall into the slim 2% of individuals who actually read website terms and conditions, and therefore, are eternally imbued with awesomeness.

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