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Fake Places Offer Some Real Vision – Borangutan
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Fake Places Offer Some Real Vision

June 29th, 2010
Author: Skelly

fake places01 450 x 400 Fake Places Offer Some Real Vision

I’m not too sure what constitutes a “fake place,” but if I had to place a bet on where to find one, I might choose the place that band members Joe Winterer and Garrett Neal met – (duh, duh, duh, duhhhhh) the internet’s Craigslist.  It might not be the most storied place to meet (how has your personal ad performed there?), but that doesn’t mean grand things can’t spring from it.  Case in point: Minneapolis synth poppers Fake Places’ new album This Vision is a Trick.

This Vision is a Trick is a collection of synth songs that remind me of the first time I heard an OMD album.  Half the songs instantly gratifying, half instantly underwhelming – but after every listen each song matured like fine wine and somehow, in some inexplicable way, intuitively made a lot more sense.  I’ve been digging into Fake Places for about a week now, and you betcha, I’m well into the maturation stage.  Fair warning for you OMD fans before you rush out to grab Fake Places: this band embraces softer maneuvers.  Think of OMD covering The Jesus and Mary ChainsStone and Dethroned and you might be on the right track.

But as always, you needn’t listen to me, this is the 21st century!  Just listen for yourself. 😉

“Infinity Writer” by: Fake Places

This Vision is a Trick Tracklist

1. This Vision
2. English Channels
3. Infinity Writer
4. Ode To Ramaty
5. House In Thought
6. The Pedestrian
7. Rooms Filled With Smoke
8. Blacking Out
9. On Your Way Down


Fake Places- Website / Myspace

As an aside, if Craigslist constitutes a “fake place” by virtue of being on the internet, then what does that make this site?  Hmmm… “Borangutan – your fake place on the internet since 2009”!  Love it.

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posted June 29th, 2010 at 11:50 am MN Rock, Reviews

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