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Space Land and Time – Borangutan
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Space Land and Time

August 17th, 2010
Author: Skelly

space land and time cover1 Space Land and Time

Space Land and Time – those things we cross every day of our lives, and outside of an incidental episodic melt down, never seem to pay much attention to.  You know what I mean, a mid-life crisis, a drive to nowhere, the throes of shock.  Such unpleasant things, but without them we always seem to just take space land and time for granted!

Several days ago I was driving around the Twin Cities making errands here and there.  Suddenly it hit me as a moment – my world had grown so much bigger.  I was driving near Larpenteur Avenue in Roseville, and I recalled being 17 and getting lost trying to find a party near Hamline.  I’m now aware of so much more space, have crossed so much land, and where had my time gone?  Nowadays I can drive just about anywhere in Minnesota without getting lost, and often without directions.

As I drove by Gibbs Farm I listened to some Space Land and Time.  The Big Star sounding “Playing With Disease,” the folky Midwestern “On Parole,” and the eastern sounding but puzzlingly named “Wade Boggs.”  Space Land and Time are a band after my classic rock heart, and during a year that has experienced the passing of one of rock’s most underappreciated legends (here’s looking at you Alex Chilton), this new album is comfort food.

Some might think Minneapolis’ Space Land and Time are classic rock anachronists hellbent on attaining some sort of cosmic nostalgia (hence, their name).  I just say they have strong memories of the good ole days when rock needed no parsing.

Pick up a copy of Space Land and Time.  You might just have a moment too! 😉

Playing With Disease – Space Land and Time

P.S. I used to own 14 Wade Boggs baseball cards as a kid.


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posted August 17th, 2010 at 2:39 pm MN Rock, Reviews

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