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Swallows Wrote Some Songs For Strippers – Borangutan
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Swallows Wrote Some Songs For Strippers

August 20th, 2010
Author: Skelly

songs for strippers Swallows Wrote Some Songs For Strippers

Songs For Strippers; you read me right!  This is probably also the first time you’ve read about this despite the album’s release in 2008.  Whenever I receive a new record I always assume its newness in more ways than one.  This makes sense since bands, artists, and labels typically don’t bother pimping out old material.  Yet as I so often tell artist friends of mine – “just because it’s flippin old to you doesn’t mean it’s not brand new to anyone (everyone?) else.”

Here we have such a case.  Who is/are Swallows?  Had I not visited a couple of their haunts online I might never have been made aware of Songs for Strippers‘ release two years ago.  In fact, a little googlebot indicated that this local band stood altogether unrewarded and unnoticed by local outlets when Songs for Strippers dropped.  Hmm… that’s puzzling, considering this record is one of the best beginning-to-end creative efforts I’ve heard out of a local outfit in the last couple years.  Did no one care?  Was there no promotion?  From out of nowhere – where did these guys come from!?

Now are the days of singles and five songs, where music might often be written as much for people’s attention spans as for their tastes.  So perhaps now more than ever is the time to revisit some memories.  Once upon a time singles reminded me of kisses, and albums reminded me of plans (alright, who caught that one?).  The name Swallows might disincline your thinking of kisses (for obvious reasons), but Songs for Strippers should certainly incline you to make plans for swinging into the Fine Line Music Cafe Saturday night.

Rumor has it these guys are working hard in the studio on the follow-up to Songs for Strippers.  Hot stuff, now swallow this!

The Craven King – Swallows

I Won’t Let You Down – Swallows

Who: Swallows
What: Live Show
When: Saturday, August 21 @9PM
Where: Fine Line Music Cafe


Swallows – Website / Myspace / Buy the Record

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posted August 20th, 2010 at 1:51 am MN Rock, Reviews

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