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Borangutan Enters Hibernation Mode

Author: Skelly January 15th, 2011

I think it is about time to make it official – Borangutan is entering hibernation mode.  What’s gone on is not so different than that which often happens to a band once a project has run its course.  People’s lives change, they start new jobs, they get involved in other projects, and the leader that was the glue finds something new and far more interesting to do (at least to him).  There is always the question of what to do with communally owned items like that old keyboard amp, extra copies of records, the stack of demos in the corner, and that $1000 debt stilled owed the record label.

Fortunately Borangutan has no outstanding debts, at least not monetary ones.  But there is quite a bit of content that has been created over the last two years that is owned in part by a dozen or so people.  All of that content will remain online indefinitely, and the Borangutan brand will persist until such time that it may return.

Wait, what?  Return?  Indeed, probably someday – but not without a chunk of venture capital backing it.  I still love the concept of the project, but I’ve learned a lot of things in the last couple years about running a business, and not just from Borangutan.  I began the website without knowledge of small business practices online or off, and in retrospect, there are a ton of things I would’ve done different had I known then what I do now.  That’s the way it always works, isn’t it?  The goal was always to bring local music to audiences who lacked the communication channels necessary to access it.  It was a bold goal destined to fail, and only once I realized how it could possibly succeed did I accept failure.  Now that I have a sense of how it could be successful I’m stepping away, in part because I do not have the means to grasp success now; and in part because I’m not ready to invest all my life into that success (because that is what it will take!)

So someday Borangutan may return, but it’ll be something different than just a small DIY local music blog.  Until then, thanks to everyone who followed and read our content over the last couple years.  We were truly blessed every time you landed on our page.

Borangutan contributors can be contacted via the information listed in their profiles on the About Us page.

Until next time. 😉

Kid’s Don’t Follow

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Rock the Cause Presents “Phantasmagoria”

Author: Skelly October 22nd, 2010

If your experiences mirror mine, then you might be a bit tired of “the usual” Halloween festivities.  They often manifest in two ways: A) the poorly costumed yet personal house party, or B) the extravagantly costumed yet impersonal nightclub bash.  What if I told you that you could get the best of both this year without all the taxing drawbacks?  Would your vampire teeth bite?

Well here it is folks, Rock the Cause’s “Phantasmagoria,” a Halloween romp to benefit Rock the Cause on Saturday Oct. 30.  Featuring 35 rooms of ghoulish gore within a fully decked out haunted Mansion, this monster mash is sure to be the premier event of the season that only 175 lucky night dwellers may revel in.  Here are some of the deets.

  • A donation of $25 will get you an all-access pass to the party, which includes an array of complimentary fine elixirs, spirits and ghoulish delights, live music by READYGOES and classic 3D HORROR FILMS.  Purchase tickets via Rock the Cause by clicking on “Buy Tickets.”
  • Admission is an advance donation starting at $25… to Rock the Cause, which will also get you some original RTC swag.  (Ed. note – seriously people, you must pay to play.  Don’t show up at the door thinking you’ll sneak in for free!)
  • 21+ only!  Space is limited to 175 “children of the night.”  Mansion is located at 2601 Sunset Blvd., Minneapolis, MN.

Check out the full press release for the event HERE.

And now for some…

“Psycho” by – Ready Goes

phantasmagoria Rock the Cause Presents “Phantasmagoria”

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3 Shows 2 See 2-Night

Author: Skelly September 18th, 2010

Pardon the numero inserto in the title, but it’s going to be Saturday night, and that makes it alright.  Speaking of, have you decided where you’re sneaking off to this evening?  If not, here are a few live show options to accompany your favorite local brew or blend.

John Snell X @ the 501 Club

John Snell  3 Shows 2 See 2 NightLocal psychedelic artist John Snell X will be performing a big chunk of his new double-disk record Peculiar Songs for a Particular Audience at the 501 tonight.  For those of you not acquainted with Mr. Snell, he’s a quirky live performer with a penchant for penning songs about love and politics.  Think a mix of Beatles, Paul Simon, and the Violent Femmes and you’re on to something.  Show starts at 9PM, 21+, $5 cover.

“I Could Write 20 Songs A Night” – John Snell X

The Johnson Twins @ The Dakota Jazz Club

Johnson Twins 3 Shows 2 See 2 NightThe Johnson Twins are twin brothers Patrick and Sam Johnson.  Their music is an interesting mix of jazz and folk with a little indie cherry on top.  The quintessential flavor of the band is focused on the conspicuous absence of any guitars.  Instead, the fiddle, banjo, and accordion stand in – but don’t you go thinking that this is somehow gramma and gramps band.  The Johnson Twins reinvent these instruments for the now generation.  Music begins at 11:30PM, 21+, $5 cover.
02 If Insane

Lost Shepherds & Minor Kingdom @ the 331 Club

Minor Kingdom 3 Shows 2 See 2 NightLocal alternative folk will be alive and well at the 331 tonight featuring the release of Lost Shepherds new self-titled record.  Lost Shepherds are the ideal listening experience on a cool atmospheric fall evening, and isn’t that in the forecast tonight?  Interesting tidbit of info: Lost Shepherds new record was mastered by Ed Brooks who also mastered the Fleet Foxes.  Joining Lost Shepherds on the bill will be Grain Belt Records artist Kristian Melom  and his outfit Minor Kingdom.  If you’re in for something a little more smooth and laid back tonight, then Lost Shepherds, Minor Kingdom and an apple martini might be the direction to take.  Music starts at 9:30PM, 21+, No Cover.

“Unwanted” – Lost Shepherds

“Perfect” – Minor Kingdom

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Dearling Physique and “Discipline Your Hands”

Author: Skelly August 24th, 2010

Dearling Physique Dearling Physique and Discipline Your Hands

Check this out!  Minneapolis’ Dearling Physique has just released a new tune off their forthcoming record due out in January.  The song is titled “Discipline Your Hands,” and we’ve been informed that you can get your hands on a copy of it today for the low, low price of a tweet or Facebook plug.  Have a listen below and visit the following link to knab yours.


Dearling Physique - Discipline Your Hands

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Big Fuckin Skull Says “Skulls Rule – OK”?

Author: Skelly July 15th, 2010

Skullsrule 1 Big Fuckin Skull Says Skulls Rule   OK?

Well, you might have guessed it by the title – this won’t be a PG post.  But that’s alright, because sometimes its worth breaking the cycle of clean fun in place of some profane education.  I must confess that Big Fuckin Skull has done something that I have been waiting about 18 months for, and that’s for a very “out-of-the-mainstream” band that clearly doesn’t fit the “indie” genre to overlook the douchebag facade of a website like this one and send me on some brassball freakin rock!  Indeed, I accept the notion that a feel-good website like Borangutan might be seen by some as douchy, or at the very least, less cool than other sites.  That’s alright though – a site can’t be everything to everyone, right?

So when I first cracked open the package containing Big Fuckin Skull’s Skulls Rule -OK? I had to laugh!  I mean c’mon, who trounces around wearing skull makeup and singing exclusively about skulls? (Alright, well, these guys sort of fit the description.)  And whose press kit is comprised of a single hand scribbled note that says “Please review our new CD”?  To all these things the answer is this – Big Fuckin Skull does!  And you know what, it’s exactly what I would expect.  If nothing else, these guys don’t pull any punches.  They may masquerade about in skull makeup and construct elaborate stories concerning Big Fuckin Skull lore, but when push comes to shove, they are a true punk band that subscribes to a true punk ethos.

Big Fuckin Skull 250 x 188 Big Fuckin Skull Says Skulls Rule   OK?Skulls Rule – Ok? is thirteen songs about skulls.  It’s also about a lot of strange things that surround post-mortem activities, I think, but still mostly about skulls.  In fact, every song title contains the word skull in it, like: “Skulls Night Out,” “Two Skulls Have Eye,” “A Skull Strangled Peter,” and my favorite, “Tin Skull Soldier.”  The lone exception is the slightly softer “The Ballad of Captain Bored Out Left Eye Socket,” which as you can see does not contain the word skull, but nonetheless has skull overtones.  Thank the Big Fuckin Skull it does, otherwise, something just wouldn’t feel right about the impending end of the world.

Now you might be thinking, “well, I’m not really into skulls, and how could I possibly relate to skull music”?  In all likelihood, this album won’t make you like skulls anymore than you already do, but there’s a good chance that if you fancy your inner punk rocker, then you may just find yourself liking Big Fuckin Skull a tad bit more by album’s end.  Bring on the music that reminds me of my long lost Black Flag, Misfits, and Husker Du – and bring on the Big Fuckin Skull, I say!

I haven’t seen these guys live yet, but the next chance will be on August 5 at Eclipse Records on University Avenue in St. Paul.  Mark your calendars and prepare for the coming. 😉

Tin Skull Soldier – Big Fuckin Skull

P.S. Thanks Big Fuckin Skull for sending us something we don’t often get!  Tell your friends, we want more of this!


Big Fuckin Skull – Website / Myspace / Get Some Music

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80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines this Weekend

Author: Chris V. July 1st, 2010

8035logo2k10 Blue 1 450 x 267 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines this Weekend

A high school English teacher once told us in class that you could tell it was prom night in Iowa when all the farm boys drove their dad’s tractors into town. The hayseeds in my class laughed—not because the idea of driving one’s father’s International Harvester to prom was necessarily a bad idea—but because we weren’t from Iowa, and they were. Get it?! IOWA!!

Well, whatever vicious stereotypes sweeping through my hometown 18 miles above the Border about Iowans being a mostly an instant potato-subsisting, hog-smelling class of fannypackers were revealed to be entirely unsubstantiated when I moved to Des Moines for a summer. In fact, in recent years as far as trendy-worthy hipness is concerned, Iowa’s stock is rising faster than you can say “Michelle Bachman.”

Consider the recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage; and what about the primary win Iowa voters gave then long-shot-candidate Barack Obama? Okay, so Iowa may not be a hotbed of avant-garde progressivism, but they do have a bigtime, kick-ass indie music festival this weekend that will see Spoon and Yo La Tengo on the same stage.

This coming weekend’s 80/35 Music Festival is only the latest evidence to suggest the good people down in Iowa are doing their best to quiet the supercilious mudslingers to the north. And frankly, there’s nothing quite as exciting going on in the Twin Cities this coming weekend (outside of a renovated Taste) as what they’ve got cooked up down the I35 corridor.

The 80/35 Music Festival in Des Moines’ Gateway Park (running July 3 and 4, $35 in advance for a 1-day ticket) has a list of great bands too long to mention (but we’ll try): Spoon, Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo, Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, the Walkmen, Solid Gold, the Heavy, the Cool Kids, and Dawes. This is just a start. And it’s bound to be a seen-and-be-seen hipster crowd. Outside of the recent Republicans’ Presidential Straw Poll in Des Moines, this coming weekend will likely break the record for highest incidents of Croakies-sightings in the city proper.

So come on down, enjoy the best little city in the Midwest, and bring a camera—there are plenty of roadside fields on your way down the interestate to stop and see those flywatters chasing Volkswagon-sized hogs around on souped-up ATVs (likelysomewhere outside Albert Lea).

Here is “Bible Thumper” from Solid Gold, who will be waving the Minnesota flag at 80/35 (4:30 p.m., Saturday, at the Kum and Go Stage).

“Bible Thumper” by: Solid Gold

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