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Buffalo Moon Saturday at Kitty Cat Klub

Author: Chris V. June 19th, 2010

Buffalo Moon Buffalo Moon Saturday at Kitty Cat Klub

The first time I saw Buffalo Moon, Preston “Danger” Holm was naked from the waist up playing a clarinet and gyrating dangerously close to a keyboard.

This wouldn’t be worth mentioning except that this band is so rad that it actually took me a couple songs in to their set at their CD release at the Bedlam to realize this.

Buffalo Moon released Wetsuit earlier this spring and will take their bossa nova meets 1960s psychedelic pop crazy train to the Kitty Cat Klub Saturday night, June 19. Black Blondie will assist.

Here Buffalo Moon wows the crowd at the Electric Fetus:

0 Buffalo Moon Saturday at Kitty Cat Klub


Buffalo Moon – Website / Myspace

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TCT Photography at the Too Fast For Love Tour

Author: Chuck June 8th, 2010

(TCT Photography is the work of Borang photographer Chuck Pittman. The following footage was captured at the Too Fast For Love tour presented at First Avenue Nightclub on May 18, 2010. This series is just a sample of some of the live footage captured by Pittman each month around the Twin Cities, and more photos from these and other shows can be viewed at the TCT Photography Flickr page.)


3OH!3 – Website / Myspace

Cobra Starship – Website / Myspace

I Fight Dragons – Website / Myspace

Travie McCoy – Website / Myspace

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The Envy Corps Talks Iowa Super Groups, “Screen Test”

Author: Chris V. May 20th, 2010

Envy Corps 12 682x1024 The Envy Corps Talks Iowa Super Groups, Screen Test

The Envy Corps headlines Friday at the 400 Bar with It’s true and Textonka (8 p.m. doors, $8, 18+).

I prepare the traditional set of questions for my interview with Luke Pettipoole of Des Moines’ The Envy Corps: influences, stories from the road, personal demons, etc.

But when I catch a video on the band’s Facebook page in which lead-singer/songwriter Pettipoole and his bandmates taste-test corndogs and funnel cakes at the Iowa State Fair using a rating system of “buttered Shawn Johnsons,” (i.e. Olympic gymnast from West Des Moines), I opt for the off-grid questions.

“So, who’s in your Iowa super group?”

There’s a pause on his end of the line, he debates the parameters (does The Killers’ guitarist and Pella-native David Keuning count?), an obligatory mention of his “own band” is made, and then he goes for the deep ball: “I’d love to have Joey Jordison…”

Background: Jordison is co-founder/drummer for Des Moines-based Slipknot and the guy who drums while wearing a hockey mask the color of turkey grizzle. My instinct is to localize Slipknot and their macabre scene mostly to junior high locker rooms circa 1999. But, Pettipoole makes it sound like the death metal renaissance had at least a good year or two of sustained fury and hell across the shelterbelts of Iowa.

“I was really into Norweigan Black Metal back then—mostly to annoy my parents.”

Pettipoole’s musical taste has evolved. A couple winters ago in Omaha he was burrowing through thrift stores when he found an old Hammond organ for $25. He plugged in the organ at practice and started messing with the accordion-like pushbutton chords. The rest of the band picked up and the Ouija-board like result was “Screen Test,” the electro-buzz-rock anthem that the Current rightfully kept playing last fall.

“Screen Test” by The Envy Corps

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Communist Daughter at Sauce for Lyn-Lake Festival Sunday Night

Author: Chris V. May 15th, 2010

Communist Daughter 300x264 Communist Daughter at Sauce for Lyn Lake Festival Sunday Night

Bunches of songs express the songwriter’s wish that people from his respective history—middle school bullies, ex-girlfriends, oppressive gym teachers—could just see him now, fronting a band, and scoring with the populous.

Toby Keith’s “How Do Yo Like Me Now?!” comes to mind, dimly.

But, few of the songs pack the same kind of guilty pleasure comeuppance as when Communist Daughter’s Johnny Solomon calmly reminds all from his past, “I’m not the kid you knew.”

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The 757’s Release the Last Laugh

Author: Skelly May 5th, 2010

757band 450 x 231 The 757s Release the Last Laugh

“I love rock-n-roll. I think it’s an exciting art form. It’s revolutionary. Still revolutionary and it changed people. It changed their hearts. But yeah, even rock-n-roll has a lot of rubbish, really bad music.”

True enough Mr. Nick Cave, yet once in awhile isn’t it refreshing to find a bit of gold tinfoil among the rubbish?  It’s these precious and new-found artifacts that remind me why I fell in love with The Beatles, Billy Joel, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, KISS, Neil Young, and so many more.  Just the other day I was having a conversation with a friend  who was complaining about the annoying number of part-time musicians in the Twin Cities who create a lot of clutter (or rubbish?) for all the full-time musicians to wade through.  It’s hard for any object to stand out in a pile of rubbish, but if the music is shiny enough, just maybe it’ll be plucked and taken home.

the 757s cover 300dpi 200 x 200 The 757s Release the Last LaughTake, for example, The 757’s new album Last Laugh.  I’ve been listening to The 757’s for some time now.  I like their straight up and no nonsense approach to rock and roll – guitar heavy, drum heavy, and not too lyrically cumbersome!  While I consider myself a fan of the lyrically esoteric Thom Yorke, most of the time I want what The 757’s hit me with.  “There’s no truth like the whole truth, there’s no news (and) the last laugh is on me and you.”  Simple, but something you can easily take to the memory bank!

I’m such a sucker for the hooks, and hooks will be had on this record.  That’s the beauty of Last LaughThe 757’s have here established a new pop foundation, dealing us the bare-knuckle rock and roll at each opening note, but following it up with sweet melodies less apparent on 2009’s Freeway Surrender.  A sort of “put ‘er there, pal” as the band hoists you from the ground.  They clearly want us to know and feel this from the opening tune “Sarah Saw It Coming” and onward.

Speaking of, here is “Sarah Saw It Coming” just for you, and hey 89.3 The Current, how about some love for this song?  We want it!

“Sarah Saw It Coming” by: The 757’s

Last Laugh went on sale yesterday.  Pick up your gold tinfoil HERE, or even better, swing into the CD Release show this Friday night at Sauce!  Music starts at 8PM, and The 757’s will be supported by Porcupine and Con Queso.  I expect copies of Last Laugh will be on hand. 😉


The 757’sWebsite / Myspace / Facebook

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We All Have Hooks For Hands Land Ashore Sunday at Triple Rock

Author: Chris V. March 13th, 2010

Hooks2 300x300 We All Have Hooks For Hands Land Ashore Sunday at Triple Rock

Two summers ago I was biking along a county highway parallel the Vermillion River in southeastern South Dakota, and I was passed in the opposite direction by what appeared to be a scarecrow driving a moped.

After a double take, I realized it was Eli Show—lead singer of local independent clause rock band, We All Have Hooks For Hands.

We made U-turns and met in the middle of the road. There’s no traffic on this stretch, and when there is, it’s tractors.

“How’s the new record coming?” I asked Eli (the new record, which would become The Shape of Energy, the band’s sophomore LP, wouldn’t be released for another calendar year).

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