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The Burning Hotels Interview

May 31st, 2010
Author: Skelly

The Burning Hotels of Fort Worth, Texas are in the midst of a Midwest / East Coast tour, slated to play Sauce Spirits and Sound Bar in Minneapolis this Wednesday evening, June 2. Lead singer Chance Morgan spared a few moments in his busy schedule to field some questions for Borangutan readers and listeners.

burning hotels 450 x 300 The Burning Hotels Interview

SkellyThe Burning Hotels have a new album out called Novels.  Was there a concept to this album?  Are you fans of great literature, or is there something else to the name?

Chance Morgan:  We love playing music and the outlet that it affords us. Novels isn’t a stepping-stone to get out some hidden agenda, but more of a diary to our lives; individual and collectively.  We have all had pretty turbulent lives from age 21-25, and I think Novels turned into an open discussion about aging and mortality.  Those universal questions like, “what does it all mean?” tend to happen during those years and staying out way too late only intensifies that.  It’s our first attempt into examining and entreating the idea that there are answers to such broad questions.  We feel each song is like a chapter, creating a novel.

“To Whom It May Concern” by: The Burning Hotels

Skelly: Some people out there in music land are growing tired of the name “indie.”  If you were to create a new genre of music that The Burning Hotels epitomized, what would it be called and why?

CM:  Sex Punk.  The majority of our songs are very fast and tend to deal with relationships, whether it’s emotional, sexual, etc.; so I think that could reference us pretty well.

Skelly:  In your opinion, what’s the freshest sounding band or artist in the music biz right now?  What makes them different from anyone else?

CM:  I am obsessed with Miike Snow.  I think it’s a cool dynamic that you have the production duo of Bloodshy & Avant (who wrote “Toxic” for Britney Spears) and other huge pop artists teaming up with Andrew Wyatt to create Miike Snow.  Their record is really smart with different elements of dance music and insane production combined with a pop sensibility that isn’t being matched right now.

Skelly:  Because I love a good story, I’m going to ask you to commit a sort of songwriter faux pas.  Is there a tune off Novels that has an interesting story behind it?  The faux pas comes in if you actually tell us what the song is truly about!

CM:  I guess my favorite story behind a song comes from one of the first songs Matt and I wrote together.  “French Heart Attack” was written and never recorded – until Novels.  Matt and I have been best friends since we were in high school and so we have a lot of shared experiences.  I won’t be too specific, but if you listen to the lyrics…”French heart attack is written on your ceiling,” they don’t make very much sense.  Experimentation had a lot to do with some of the lyrics written back in that time period.

“French Heart Attack” by: The Burning Hotels

SkellyThe Burning Hotels are playing Sauce Spirits and Sound Bar in Minneapolis on June 2.  Can you give us any teasers on what to expect?  Any on-stage antics?

CM:  High energy, fast songs, and lots of movement…we pride ourselves on entertaining a crowd!


The Burning Hotels – Website / Myspace / Purchase Novels

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