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Little Man Plays the Big Leagues at Target Field – Borangutan
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Little Man Plays the Big Leagues at Target Field

May 19th, 2010
Author: Skelly

LittleManPress Little Man Plays the Big Leagues at Target FieldI always smile when I hear of a local institution paying its due respect to one of our local artists.  This isn’t a congratulatory smile so much as a visible sigh of relief – a sort of, “oh, thank God one more business possesses some civic sense”!  See, while I don’t promote anyone’s individual sense of entitlement, I do take a position that institutions, both private and governmental, have a level of civic responsibility to promote or support cultural communities.   More specifically, the local arts!  We could all go back and forth I’m sure on to what degree this is a responsibility, but I know many in the arts community think there should be more public opportunities to showcase their art, and I tend to agree.

So how thrilled was I to hear through the grapevine that one of the little guys got to take a swing in the majors!  St.  Paul’s Chris Perricelli (aka. Little Man) scored a playlist slot recently at the new Twins’ Target Field Stadium.  As indicated on the Little Man Blog, Twins baseball music director Kevin Dutcher got his paws on Little Man’s “Lifted Me Like A Curse” and decidedly had to place it in rotation.  Score one more for the little force!

“Lifted Me Like A Curse” by: Little Man

Thank you Target Field for stepping up to the plate and taking a swing for local culture, and since we’re on topic, how about a little dirt kicking to dust some shoes?  What other local businesses or institutions could do a better job of providing some opportunities for local artists?  I think I’d like to see a Best Buy commercial with a home-grown musical backdrop.  C’mon Best Buy, just shoot me an email – I’ll connect with some stellar local artists.  If ESPN could do it, you can do it!  About four months ago I witnessed Sick of Sarah being synched during Sport’s Center.  For those of you familiar with Sick of Sarah, I’m sure the irony isn’t lost here. 😉


Little Man – Website / Myspace

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