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“Wonder” mp3 – Big White House – Borangutan
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“Wonder” mp3 – Big White House

July 29th, 2010
Author: Skelly

Big White House 450 x 300 Wonder mp3   Big White House

Many, many things have been getting lost in the shuffle the last few weeks, not least of which was an indiscreet email (every email become indiscreet in my bulging email box) about a little local band called Big White House.  Here are some facts about Big White House.

  • Big White House only has 57 friends on their Myspace page.
  • Big White House has no outstanding band photos available for cross-posting on a website like Borangutan, hence, their visages have been here displaced by a Big White House.
  • Big White House had sent a flyer to me for posting, for the purpose of notifying you about a show they were playing on July 22.  I screwed that up (sorry Paul).
  • Luckily, Big White House gave me something to pass on to you that isn’t time sensitive, and is perfect for blowing your socks off!

Now, if you still have a Myspace account, go be friends with Big White House (they need more friends), and have fun jamming to “Wonder”!  😉

Wonder – Big White House


Big White House – Website / Myspace

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posted July 29th, 2010 at 6:58 pm MN Rock

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