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Tracks: Communist Daughter and Brad Senne

May 26th, 2010
Author: Skelly

(Tracks is a feature on Borangutan that showcases local artists and their recent album. Many local artists generously donate their music to Borangutan writers, and part of our mission is to take that music and place it in your ears. Voila! Each feature offers a free, limited-time mp3 download (one track) from the highlighted artist’s album, and links to where you can listen to or purchase more.)

Soundtrack to the End: Communist Daughter

Sountrack To The End 450 x 450 Tracks: Communist Daughter and Brad Senne

Ready for a special Grain Belt Records edition of Tracks?  We hope so, since some of the hottest bands coming out of the Twin Cities seem to keep on popping up on this new(er) label.  Did you know Grain Belt Records is now just over a year old?  For those who keep close tabs on our local scene, Communist Daughter is likely met with familiarity.  After a sojourn away from the scene, Johnny Solomon (formerly of Friends Like These) has returned with this newest project – more promising than ever!

Soundtrack to the End is an album full of melodious alt-folk rock tunes, each sounding more modestly honest-to-good than the next.  About a month ago I had the opportunity to catch the band before a packed house at Sauce Spirits and Sound Bar.  The band couldn’t seem to go wrong, and it was refreshing to witness a local band with a fan base who really seemed to believe in the power of the songs laid bare before them.

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you got into Communist Daughter.  You can connect up with them on either their Myspace or Facebook pages, and it’s worth swinging by their Pretty Kids Collective page and checking out some of their chums too.  Your next chance to see them?  Try Taste of Minnesota on June 2 July 2.  Grab an oversized turkey leg and do-it-up Minnesota style!

It might be in good measure to pick up a copy of Soundtrack to the End ahead of time too. 😉

“Not the Kid” by: Communist Daughter

Aerial Views: Brad Senne

Aerial Views Tracks: Communist Daughter and Brad Senne

It must have been several months ago that I stopped into the Bedlam Theater and caught a Brad Senne performance.  I’m a fan of Minnesota folk, and I don’t just mean Bob Dylan.  Charlie Parr and Bill Isles are two others that I tend to favor as well.  But Brad Senne is something a little bit different.  He presents a youthful twist to a traditional style.  As a former student of classical guitar I can say with some kind astonishment that Senne’s finger picking is something to marvel at, and his songcraft is no slacking matter either!

Just listen to the first track off Aerial Views entitled “Weighted Wings.”  I have a front porch attached to my house with a CD player that can face outwards to where I sit on a warm, breezy summer day.  Aerial Views makes me think “just in time for summer.”  Just kick back with a gin and tonic and forget about the daily drivel that appears on the pages of your life.  Aerial Views is an escape!

Brad Senne keeps an active Myspace page, probably the best place for you to listen to more from Aerial Views.  But for you staunch supporters of local music, why not just go ahead and pick up a copy now?  Why wait?  Especially since Brad Senne’s next local show date is quickly approaching on June 11 at Cafe Maude in Minneapolis, and you want to hum along don’t you?

“Weighted Wings” by: Brad Senne

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  1. DANK
    May 26th, 2010 at 21:56 | #1

    Gin and tonics are disgusting.

  2. Toby Keith
    May 26th, 2010 at 23:43 | #2

    Taste of Minnesota is during the patriotic Independence Day celebrations, so I think its actually July 2nd, Taste of Minnesota

  3. May 27th, 2010 at 01:49 | #3

    Ah, July 2nd it is. Thanks Mr. Keith, correction made! 😉

    @ DANK – Hmmm… how about a lynchburg lemonade?

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