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Tracks: Green Sweater Society and The 4onthefloor – Borangutan
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Tracks: Green Sweater Society and The 4onthefloor

March 31st, 2010
Author: Skelly

(Tracks is a feature on Borangutan that showcases local artists and their recent album. Many local artists generously donate their music to Borangutan writers, and part of our mission is to take that music and place it in your ears. Voila! Each feature offers a free, limited-time mp3 download (one track) from the highlighted artist’s album, and links to where you can listen to or purchase more.)

Love Songs EP: Green Sweater Society

GSS Love Songs Tracks: Green Sweater Society and The 4onthefloor

Love Songs is the second EP release by Saint Paul power pop outfit Green Sweater Society.  Their first EP, Verde, was put forth back in 2008.  We first caught word of GSS a little over a year ago at a SueCity concert, and since then have been keeping a close eye on the bands they roll with (psst… check out Machine 22 and Vaudeville if you haven’t already.)  GSS has been featured in MinnPost and we semi-regularly drop their name here, but we think it’s high time more people started paying some close attention to these guys.  Listen up!

You can connect with GSS via the band’s Myspace or Facebook page, and you can grab a copy of Love Songs from either CD Universe or iTunes.  Social media not enough?  /it never is.  Don’t forget to catch Green Sweater Society at the 400 Bar on April 24.  Now for a slice of Love Songs.

“Pain Killers” by: Green Sweater Society

4 Songs EP: The 4onthefloor

4SongsEP 450 x 450 Tracks: Green Sweater Society and The 4onthefloor

The 4onthefloor apply a literal twist to a stomping good time. Just take a look at the band’s Myspace page and check out the instruments they play. Notice anything peculiar? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – they all play bass drum.  When was the last time you saw a bunch of guys playing their main instruments and stomping on bass drum pedals all at once? First time for everything!

The 4onthefloor create true live music, but that’s not to say one can’t stomp along in the car, in the home, or even on the city bus (careful here). Check out more tunes from the band via their Myspace page, and if you’d like to witness the bass extravaganza, follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for updates on upcoming shows. Here’s a tip – you can see the band this Sunday for free at the Kitty Cat Klub with The Alarmists, The Evening Rig, and Koo Koo Kangaroo. How sweet is that?  Want to know what’s even sweeter?  This is also the first chance for folks to buy the new EP, that means you!

“Workin’ Man Zombie” by: The 4onthefloor

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