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Tracks: Mark Mallman, and Mercurial Rage

October 26th, 2009
Author: Skelly

(Tracks is a feature on Borangutan that showcases local artists and their recent album. Many local artists generously donate their music to Borangutan writers, and part of our mission is to take that music and place it in your ears. Voila!  Each feature offers a free, limited-time mp3 download (one track) from the highlighted artist’s album, and links to where you can listen to or purchase more.)

Invincible Criminal: Mark Mallman

MarkMallman 01 big Tracks: Mark Mallman, and Mercurial Rage

Mark Mallman is a Minneapolis mainstay, and over time, it seems everyone has had a good word or two to say about him, from Rolling Stone to the Chicago Sun Times.  Just visit his web page, you’ll see!  It’s all well deserved too, especially with the release of Mallman’s newest album Invincible Criminal.  Twelve finely crafted pop tunes, and in our opinion, a collection of the best to come out of Minnesota this year.

Visit Mark Mallman’s website or myspace pages to listen to songs from Invincible Criminal, become his fan on facebook, then pick up your copy from Badman Records or iTunes.  Mallman is next slated to play the Turf Club in St. Paul on Nov. 7.

Free Download

“White Leather Days” by: Mark Mallman

Cascade: Mercurial Rage

mercurialrage 300px 72dpi Tracks: Mark Mallman, and Mercurial Rage

Mercurial Rage typically graces Twin Cities clubs in a single month more often than many bands do in a single year, and their hard work shows both on and off stage.  Cascade is the band’s first full length release on Minneapolis’ Susstones record label.

Mercurial Rage can be connected with via Myspace, Facebook, or the band’s website.  You can pick up your own copy of Cascade at the Electric Fetus, or shop it on iTunes, Amazon, or at the Susstones shop.  The song below, “Star,” is the first tune off the new album.

Free Download

“Star” by: Mercurial Rage

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    Oh hell yes. Though I definitely wish I would’ve remembered to pick up a copy of each album at their respective CD release shows…

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