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Borangutan Enters Hibernation Mode – Borangutan
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Borangutan Enters Hibernation Mode

January 15th, 2011
Author: Skelly

I think it is about time to make it official – Borangutan is entering hibernation mode.  What’s gone on is not so different than that which often happens to a band once a project has run its course.  People’s lives change, they start new jobs, they get involved in other projects, and the leader that was the glue finds something new and far more interesting to do (at least to him).  There is always the question of what to do with communally owned items like that old keyboard amp, extra copies of records, the stack of demos in the corner, and that $1000 debt stilled owed the record label.

Fortunately Borangutan has no outstanding debts, at least not monetary ones.  But there is quite a bit of content that has been created over the last two years that is owned in part by a dozen or so people.  All of that content will remain online indefinitely, and the Borangutan brand will persist until such time that it may return.

Wait, what?  Return?  Indeed, probably someday – but not without a chunk of venture capital backing it.  I still love the concept of the project, but I’ve learned a lot of things in the last couple years about running a business, and not just from Borangutan.  I began the website without knowledge of small business practices online or off, and in retrospect, there are a ton of things I would’ve done different had I known then what I do now.  That’s the way it always works, isn’t it?  The goal was always to bring local music to audiences who lacked the communication channels necessary to access it.  It was a bold goal destined to fail, and only once I realized how it could possibly succeed did I accept failure.  Now that I have a sense of how it could be successful I’m stepping away, in part because I do not have the means to grasp success now; and in part because I’m not ready to invest all my life into that success (because that is what it will take!)

So someday Borangutan may return, but it’ll be something different than just a small DIY local music blog.  Until then, thanks to everyone who followed and read our content over the last couple years.  We were truly blessed every time you landed on our page.

Borangutan contributors can be contacted via the information listed in their profiles on the About Us page.

Until next time. 😉

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